The Newlyweds

Celeste and Adam

Friend from the ol’ high school days, Celeste, and her partner, Adam, came to Berlin!

After faking people out with an April 1, engagement hoax a couple of years ago, these clever rascals went ahead and got hitched on April 1, 2014!  Naturally, their friends were skeptical when the news hit facebook.  Some required photographic evidence, but for most of us, the April 2nd test served.  With the married status unchanged on April 2nd, we could all freak out and congratulate the crap out of these Newlyweds!

a masterpiece of a wedding photo

Then, a week later, Adam and Celeste made their way over to Berlin for a quick getaway.  They were also lovely enough to come bearing treats…

IMG_0958We wasted no time, and immediately schlepped over the enormous museum of contemporary art at Hamburger Bahnhof.


More Art
IMG_0961 The place is ENORMOUS, and tiring for even the most well-rested visitor.  So, before we all fell asleep on our feet, we left for food and coffee.

Celeste works for a prominent Los Angeles-based artist, and knows a thing or two about galleries and art.  During their stay, it was such a treat to visit some galleries that I’ve never stopped into, let alone, known about.  We visited Sprüth Magers, which may have given me nightmares, and the Peres Projects mixed in with some good old fashioned sightseeing.

After a couple of days, we realized that almost no photos had been taken to verify that Adam and Celeste were actually here.  So, an afternoon in Potsdam provided an opportunity to make up for lost documentation.



They are such funny, informed and warm people.  We had a great time catching up, comparing wacky American reality television with straight wack German reality television, and exploring the city.


Cecilienhof, site of the Potsdam Conference
stylish leather jackets #jerkcouple

Congratulations again to these two lovely people!


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