What Else Is New?

After our glut of visitors, we’ve been enjoying some bum around days.

Luckily, there’s been some amazing weather to help us with our bumming and picnicking plans.


Plus, all the adorable puppies come out to play.  Which means I’ve been dying over every dog I see…aaaand then creepily taking photos of some of them…

Totes not creepin

With this nice weather, I’m once again confused by the aversion to sandals here-thongs/flip-flops in particular.  If the weather is over 20 degrees, you better believe I’m letting my feet breathe. Screw this flats and sneakers scene.  I know it’s a German stereotype, but it really cracks me up.   Anytime you see a person in thongs, it’s about 98% assured that person is not from Germany. Probably Australia. If it’s a dude, and he’s also wearing shorts and a small tank top-definitely Australia.

We had a couple of delicious brekkies of Huevos Rancheros and Pancakes at Cabslam (although the Chilaquiles were underwhelming).  But seriously, this menu.


Then in not so laid back news…

The Finals series has been fantastic. Just look at Max Schmeling Halle here! There’s been so much support for BR Volleys, and we’ll need it tomorrow in Friedrichshafen as the boys try to close this thing out.

IMG_1097Oh, and we haven’t had a shower for the last week and a half.  This has been a great/annoying incentive to get me to the gym everyday. I guess it’s a good thing we’re leaving next Tuesday…I guess.  

Lastly, we got to celebrate the birthday of a VERY cool 2 year old.  Happy Birthday Sophia! IMG_1151And just because.

This couple from German 4 weddings made me smile.




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