Aller Guten Dinge sind Drei


PC’s team did it.

Watch the Final Highlights if you’d like.  Great comeback in the fourth set.

Megan and I drove down with some other amazing fans to watch BRV close it out, once again, in their opponent’s house.  So proud of this team that handled the pressure, and performed like bosses.  Naturally, I am especially proud of PC who continues to manage his shoulder, tirelessly works on his skills, and grows mentally stronger with every season.

Here’s some post-game shots!


threepeatIMG_1166 IMG_1177

Then there was half naked cavorting…gleefully documented and reported by several media outlets.


In fact, this year’s media coverage has been better than ever.  There’s been moore pictures, and far more detail about the contract negotiations and personal lives of the players.  In the past, articles  have tended to proceed like this: The Berlin manager said, ” It was a good game”.  The Berlin coach said, ” We played hard”.  final score.  the end.


PC and I have long argued that a more personalized touch should be added to media releases.  You want fans to feel a personal connection to the players, and thereby, the team.  Adding more player quotes and information is an excellent step.  Plus, a few half-naked photos, and pics of the after party don’t hurt to draw a little interest.


It is also exciting to see reports about contract negotiations making their way onto the newspapers, much like you would see with big time sports such as football and basketball.  It suggests that people increasingly recognize Berlin Recycling Volleys as an accomplished and important team.  A team that more fans are following year to year.


BTW, Megan and I made into an article.  I’m listed as Erin Bag.  Bag.


After winning, there were dinners and celebrations galore.  Coupled with the fact that we had less than a week to pack up, get to all of our doctor’s appointments and finish various errands before leaving for the summer…we’ve had very little sleep.

But it’s been a lot of fun.  We got to attend another Hertha match!

Little Emilia, one of the team babies born this season, also made it to the match. PC couldn’t help snatching her away for a little while.

I die

In fact, PC couldn’t stop hanging out with all the kids.  He became a kind of human jungle gym at several team functions.  I love this picture of PC with Konstantin.  Konstantin’s father lovingly referred to them as the Globus brothers… perhaps you can guess why 😉 IMG_1194

look at those noggins 🙂

In wrapping up this season, I want to express my gratitude and admiration for the amazing women and better halves of Berlin Recycling Volleys.  They are some beautiful, strong, intelligent and kind ladies. At the season ending party, the president described BR Volleys as a family.  He didn’t name them specifically, but these women are one of the biggest reasons why this team feels like family.  Their constant support for their partner, fellow ladies, and children is truly special.  Just the beginning of this season saw the guys on away trips for the first 8 weeks! That means loads of laundry, loneliness and single momming it.  Not easy. Although we come from different backgrounds, and speak different languages,  I have learned so much from them.  Thank you ladies!

We missed some of our girls in this photo, but it’s still a nice one.

Can’t wait for the next season in Berlin!



One thought on “Aller Guten Dinge sind Drei

  1. Absolutely love the newspaper headline kicker, “Titel Hattrick”!!! Great photos, great comeback, and great pix of PC with the kiddies. Not to mention the in depth personal coverage of the impending nuptials for PC and Erin Bag

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