Back to Berlin and Blogs

Well, I really dropped off the face of the earth.

After the championship, PC and I got caught in quite the ‘wedding-preparation-national-team-duty’ whirlwind.  Now that I am back in Berlin, I have the time to write again.

I’m going to be jumping backwards and forwards in time trying to record some of the highlights of the summer.  I’ve also been reflecting upon the process of wedding planning and getting married, and I will be posting some of these thoughts here.  I realize these may not be the MOST engrossing posts for everyone, but it’s my blog, and it’s one of the biggest events in a person’s life, so dangit I’ma write about it.

So, I’m gonna start with what I got up to this last weekend…

The Volleyball World Championships in Wroclaw, Poland!

PC is playing for the Australian National Team again.  PC has been gone almost all summer with the team.  PC left two days after our wedding.  The Australian team was playing 4 hours away from Berlin.

Obviously, I had to get my butt over there.

And so I did!


I drove the little Smart car, defying death with every whoosh of a passing Audi threatening to upend my tiny auto.  Nevertheless, I arrived safely in the beautiful city of Wroclaw on a gorgeous, sunny day.

Luckily, PC had a couple of hours free each day.  So, we would meet up in the town square for a coffee, and revel in the luxury of physical presence.  IMG_1938

The remainder of the time was spent meeting some of the other Volleyroos supporters, exploring the city and watching some volleyball.

The volleyball was…inconsistent, but the atmosphere was buoyant.  Poland. Loves. Volleyball.  Much like you’d expect for the Football World Cup or Euro Cup, the town square was busy with locals and tourists posting up at restaurants with tv’s showing the matches.  Their enthusiasm extended beyond their own beloved national team.  Polish fans in attendance at the Hala Stulecia happily watched matches like Australia vs. Argentina, swapping loyalties on a whim, and gleefully completing the crowd participation games.    

A surefire favorite is a game in which one side of the hall stands up, and for about two minutes, mirrors everything the head referee does.  It’s oddly hilarious.  Plus, if you’re sitting through a 3-0 rout…it’s a welcome respite.

Hala Stulecia

I didn’t have much extra time for sightseeing, but here’s a few things I saw in Wroclaw:

A gorgeous view of the city from the top of a Cathedral.



A fresh food market well-stocked with more mushrooms than I’ve ever seen.

IMG_1956 Seriously, Look at all them Shrooms

And on Sunday morning, I sat down to sip on a coffee for a couple of minutes.  Within this short time period, I took a picture every time I saw a man with shorts cut just below the knee.

Here are some examples:

IMG_1961 IMG_1962 IMG_1963

This fashion choice is as ubiquitous as it is questionably attractive.  What is the deal, men of Central/Eastern Europe?

Australia managed to move on to the second round of World Championships, and as hopeful as I am that they keep on winning…I wouldn’t mind having my husband back here soon.



3 thoughts on “Back to Berlin and Blogs

  1. So nice Erin to have you back blogging again ! It is a lovely way to show us what is happening in Yours and Pauls’ life !
    Berlin & Poland feel a bit closer now ! I noticed several pics with flowers Erin..

  2. Damn nice selfie of a happy married couple! I will never in all my born days need to see or be around that many mushrooms. So not quite man-pris but simply awful – clam diggers for dudes. It’s great to see the blog’s triumphant return 🙂

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