Honey Chickie Biskies and Other Great Things in Texas

After the Wedding, my husband left me…for the national team.  Monday after the wedding he was gone.  So after a week of pleading with the state of California to expedite our marriage certificate and other fun tasks, I caught a plane out to Dallas/Fort Worth to see my sister and brother, Casey and Pat!


They live in Forth Worth in a beautiful little house with two little scoundrels names Bucket and Oliver, a dachshund and maltese respectively.

While Case and Pat were at work, I did a little museum-ing.


First stop: the Forth Worth Museum of Science and History.

At the time, the museum was hosting the “Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology” exhibit.  Naturally, I was SUPER keen to check it out seeing as how I pretty much worshipped Indiana Jones as a kid.  Plus, the museum houses the Omni Theater, an enormous IMAX dome.

However, the museum is very, very kid friendly.  So much so, that when buying my single adult ticket, the cashier’s split-second raised eyebrow, and look of confusion ay my childlessness almost made me re-think the whole adventure.

But I’m so glad I went ahead with it.  The Indiana Jones exhibit was awesome. Blending film fun facts, props and a little bit of real world archaeology, It was kid and adult friendly.  Did you know that they bred all of the rats used in the catacombs scene in The Last Crusade?

capitol grille

I ate very well on this trip.  We had a swanky dinner at Capital Grille.

For one of our lunches, Case and Pat took me out for some real Texas BBQ at the Railhead Smokehouse.  A meal of Texas bbq is indeed delicious, but there is an odd man out situation going on in their meals- the saddest piece of bread ever.  Casey pointed out this strange addition, and I don’t get it.  It’s just a pathetic piece of processed white bread posing as a potential sauce sopper-upper flopped on the top of your tray.  I mean, I’m all for making sure every bit of smokey, saucy goodness is enjoyed, but couldn’t they have upgraded by now to something a bit nicer in the bread department?


I managed to fit in another museum visit at the Amon Carter Museum of American Art.  Knowing jack all about art, I made sure to be there for the 2pm guided tour…and I was the only schmo who showed.  So, I had me a nice little private tour with a very kind docent, and actually learned a lot.

Amon Carter Museum of American Art Marquee-South

At the house, I got to play and snuggle with this little guy!



Bucket and I go waaay buck to his puppyhood, so we’re best buds.

I’m still in the process of getting used to this whole new name thing.  It’s not that Carroll is a bad name, it’s just not MY name.  I’m eBay through and through.  But, I’m trying to get in the swing of things, so I took a silly little photo with this sign.  IMG_1829

On Saturday, we enjoyed some food truck tacos before making our way over to Rahr Brewery.  For $10, you get a pint glass, and three pints of beer!  It was a great time trying some Texas brews, getting the low down on the Texas fashions, and accosting the one guy in there who happened to be wearing a Pepperdine Shirt, but disappointingly, didn’t actually go there.

Look how cool this glass is! Prost Y’all.IMG_1838

That night, we went big.  Billy Bob’s. Literally the world’s biggest Honky Tonk.  Full of dancin’, drinkin’, bullridin’ cowboys and cowgirls.  IMG_1851 Case kindly outfitted me for the occasion.


Dear Cowboy boots,

Thanks for a fun night, but I don’t think we should see each other anymore.  it’s not you it’s me.  How do I walk in you? All these other people make it look easy, twirling around on the dance floor and all.  I’m just amazed I didn’t slip and fall.  Let’s keep it casual.

xo ebc

Anyhow Billy Bob’s was…just another world.  An entirely foreign place, but lots of fun.  We did some epic people watching before making our way to the bull riding arena.  Therein, I thoroughly embarrassed myself shrieking in terror and disgust every five seconds.  We wandered back out, and made our closer to the main stage where Ted Nugent was playing!  Ted Nugent was exactly what we expected.  And After about ten songs that all sounded the same interspersed with his random word vomit, we decided we’d gotten our money’s worth.

It was then that my sister had a brilliant idea.  Honey Butter Chicken Biscuits from Whataburger.


Hello, Lover.  Honey Chickie Biskie!!!  I’m determined to make my own version at some point.  At the very least, I’m making some biscuits.

The flight home was a bit of a mess.  Having not flown domestically in a long time, I was fascinated by its utter crapulence.  Canceled flights, 2.5 hour rebooking lines, Stand-by vultures, irritated customer “service” agents.  Upside: it made me eager to fly internationally the following week.

IMG_1854Thank you Casey and Patrick for a wonderful visit!  I don’t get to see you nearly enough, so seeing your home and your everyday routine was such a treat, and a comfort.


One thought on “Honey Chickie Biskies and Other Great Things in Texas

  1. Fantastic post! Made me long to return to Powers Clan Central and indulge in all things Texas style! Props to Indy, and how perfect is that freaking pint glass?! I mean, “Prost Y’all” – are you kidding me on the dual country perfection? 🙂

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