JR Hochzeit

Volleyball friends, Jasmin and Roko, got hitched in Bergisch Gladbach last weekend.  It was truly a privilege to attend their special celebration.  Apart from being the most naturally chic couple I’ve ever come across, Jasmin and Roko are such warm, kind and funny people.

Jasmin grew up in Germany, but her mother is Spanish and her Father is Croatian. Roko is fully Croatian.  Their wedding day proved to be a beautiful mashup of these cultures.

First, a traditional Catholic Mass in German.



In her Pronovias gown, the bride was a vision of Spanish glamour.



Aaaaaannnnddd can we talk about that veil???


Although the mass was conducted in German, touchingly, the groom said his vows in Croatian.

After mass, we joined the receiving line to personally congratulate the newlyweds. This tradition is no longer so common in the United States, and I had always been curious about it.  I thought it might be awkward, but it was really lovely to see the bride and groom right after the ceremony radiating relief and happiness.

IMG_2035 IMG_2036

Then we made our way to Schloss Bensberg for the reception.  Yep. a palace.


With champagne on the terrace, we chatted and toasted and mingled.  Roko and Jasmin released some heart-shaped balloons and it was friggin adorable.
IMG_2041 IMG_2044

The BR volleys delegation was lookin’ fine.


We made our way to the ball room for a DELICIOUS dinner, and subsequent dancing.



Sophia was loving the guest favors…


Personalized pralines!  nom.

IMG_2058 The Bride stopped by our table, so naturally we had to take a lil volleyball wives shot. Lucky to have such awesome women on this team.  IMG_2060

And then dancing commenced!  People partied until 4am.  I did not make it that late.  I mean seriously, knowing how exhausted I was by 1 am at my own wedding, I can’t imagine how European brides and grooms make it till 4 or 5 in the morning!


In addition to throwing a beautiful wedding, Jasmin made my day with a cute wedding gift.  A beautiful little bracelet from strawberry and cream that says “Mrs. Carroll”!!!  In fact, the designer was also in attendance at the wedding, and had made jasmin her own Mrs. Sikiric piece.  Naturally, we had to take a lil photo together.

IMG_2098Thanks Jasmin and Roko for a beautiful weekend!


3 thoughts on “JR Hochzeit

  1. What a lovely photo montage Erin from Jasmin & Rokos’ Wedding !
    I wonder what happened with the veil from Jasmin ?
    The Volleyball delegation seem to fit in, they all look smart and happy.

  2. Dancing in a castle until 4 a.m. – was that “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”, “The Sound of Music”, or just dreams come to life? Great photos and lovely folks 🙂

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