Wedding Planning Reflections: Episode Two

Episode Two: The Bridal Brigade i.e. Surrounding yourself with the most awesome people

In this installment, I wanted to reflect upon how surprisingly important your “attendants” or whatever you wanna call ’em are.

Erin_Paul-0501 Erin_Paul-0503


SheWolves and Groomsmen

Because screw this bridesmaid, brides-matron, matron of honor crap.  These are strong, capable women, and I didn’t really want to identify them by their marital status.  So, my sister came up with SheWolves and it fit.  That being said, it’s kinda hard to discuss your ‘SheWolves’ with potential vendors or external family without receiving some very confused looks.

In days long past, bridal attendants’ main responsibility was to confuse and outsmart evil spirits hoping to mess with the bride and groom.  They’d dress in similar or identical garb to the bride, so that evil spirit wedding crashers would be unable to tell which was the ‘real’ bride to hex.

I’d say that, in some ways, your attendants fulfill a similar role.  In general terms, they are there to protect you.  They might be shielding you from unnecessary stress, bolstering your confidence in the million decisions you’ve made, or just helping you laugh when people be gettin cray…including yourself.  Our groomsmen and SheWolves were incredible.  Anything we needed? They were on it.  Pinning boutonnieres, making bouquets, preparing appetizers-anything.  They flew in, woke up early, and stayed late without a complaint.  There are few people who would do these things with nothing but love and laughter, and I want to thank them all again.  I sometimes feel that brides and grooms choose their attendants willy nilly.  Filling up spots without giving proper thought to their choices.  It’s more than matching outfits.



Officiant & Readers

We took these decisions very seriously.  After spending hours picking our readings, we had to be equally thoughtful and careful in choosing who would give voice to those words during the ceremony.  They imbue the ceremony with their own spirit and experiences.  The right people give life to the words.  Then there’s the more practical, but no less important tasks of representing men and women, bride and groom’s sides to keep it all balanced.

Maureen, Matt, Gabbi and Lianne could not have done a better job.  I can’t describe the surreality of listening to them bring our ceremony to life.

Erin_Paul-0323 Erin_Paul-0787 Erin_Paul-0801



I just want to give a special shoutout to our brothers and sisters.  Casey, Kylie, Luke and Marc.  Their speeches were heartfelt and hilarious, and their help indispensable.  Extra special shoutout to the “in-laws” Gabbi and Patrick who are just the most awesome people ever.

So once again, HUGE thanks to the bridal brigade!

Oh and did I mention, they know how to get the party started?

Look at these cuties giving a clinic on the cupid shuffleErin_Paul-0867 Erin_Paul-0917

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