love, sun and plague

PC’s national team season ended last sunday, so he was back in Berlin for a whole week and a half…before leaving again today.  Oh, volleyball lyfe.

PC reppin dodgers in a very silly hat

The first few days after his arrival, some last gasp summer weather came to Berlin.  With the Shoji brothers (or Brojis, as I’ve heard they’re being called 😉 and, Nathan, a fellow AUS teammate, we made our way over to Badeschiff.
IMG_2102 I was too chicken to take a dip in the pool.  I mean it was sunny, but it’s gotta be 26° degrees, at least, to get my wussy self into cold water.  Kawika had no trouble though. IMG_2103

Later on in the week, I convinced Nathan and Paul to accompany me over to Bikini Berlin.  It’s a new concept mall space that opened up in West Berlin in an effort to combat the ol’ uncool fuddy duddy reputation of the West.

While the shops are undoubtedly cool, the niftiest part of the space is the roof terrace.

IMG_1914From the roof terrace you can see MONKEYS.  Monkeys in the zoo.  Fo’ Free.  Well done Bikini Berlin.
IMG_1915On Sunday, after months of following on facebook, I finally got to sample the goods at the Breakfast Market.  Every third Sunday of the month, Markthalle Neun allows vendors to come in and cook up some tasty brekky morsels.  Much like Streetfood Thursday, you’re treated to a fairly international array of options from congee to french toast to yemenite breakfast wraps.
IMG_2119 We had a barbecue platter, Japanese bacon and cheese onigiri with miso soup and some blueberry pancakes with meringue.  Sadly, the pancakes were dense and tough.  I reckon that Megan and I could make some serious bank whipping up proper American pancakes here.  Aaaaannnnddd now i’m dreaming again of owning a quaint cafe in Berlin….

ok back to reality.  Sort of.  I married a suit model.  IMG_2127 Paul’s team is sponsored by Becon Berlin, a suit purveyor.  In fact, they sponsor four different sports teams in the city, but look who’s featured in the ads, eh?  IMG_2128 I believe he’s given us the answer to “what do I do with my hands” here.  Curl them ever so slightly to conjure just a hint of menace, and the threat of fisticuffs while leaving them relaxed enough to look like claws.  Hide them fingers.  IMG_2129He does look good though, right?

In other reality news, I’ve been on the job hunt/visa quest.

I had a charming offer to teach geography and sports at a school boasting no maps or sports hall in its possession.  Somehow I mustered the resolve to turn it down despite repeated reminders from the principal that they also had payment delays.

However, I’ve got a few possibilities in the works, if I ever get that magic bit of paperwork that shows I really am legal to work, honest!

As I was filling out forms for one of the schools, I came upon a health declaration page that really cracked me up.

Note #13

IMG_2101Thank god I kicked that nasty ol’ plague last week.

PC’s now off to Poland once more, and unpredictable autumn weather is in full swing. Hooray!


One thought on “love, sun and plague

  1. Weather looked amazing for your few precious days together. Who doesn’t love monkeys, and you know how I feel about free 🙂 I hear Barneys in NYC is looking for a new face – seems that PC would fit the bill nicely! Relived to hear that you defeated plague – although concerned that it continues to maintain its foothold over there

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