I’ve been in a bit of a visa/work permit waiting game.   Plus, PC was away all week for volleyball.   In between a few job applications, a german lesson, and a few nice coffees with friends, I did a little solo exploring.

I decided to go over to Pfaueninsel.

Situated right off Wannsee in the River Havel, Pfaueninsel, or literally, Peacock Island, was a favorite haunt of old Prussian royalty.


First a teensy little ferry ride over.

Then you arrive at an island with a dairy, a mini castle, and lots of wildlife.


Originally home to a rabbit breeding station, King Frederick William II took special interest in it 1793.  He needed a sweet love nest for his mistress, so he built a little ‘lustschloss’, quite literally a ‘pleasure palace’.



Frederick William III came on the scene in the 1820’s, and began building an exotic menagerie, and encouraging agricultural projects on the island.  The island is still home to wild, roving peacocks giving the island its name- pfau = peacock.  IMG_2191The island became a favorite spot for Frederick’s wife, Queen Louise, and their children.  They would regularly come over to the island for picnics in the sun, lawn bowling, cow milking, and at one point, a small rollercoaster was built for the kids to enjoy.


I took a gander at the island’s diary, including the fancy banquet room where the Prussian royal family had many a pleasant meal.   In order to enter the room, I had to put on some sweet slippers.  I then proceeded to slip and slide around the room whenever the guard was looking the other way.  IMG_2178

Queen Louise died tragically young, and was buried in the Charlottenburg Mausoleum.  However, her husband ensured that a temple be built in her honor in her favorite place.
IMG_2184You can see the small bust of Louise looking out upon the island.

In addition to the peacocks roaming about, the island is also home to a few water buffalo who do some eco friendly landscaping around the place.



Pfaueninsel proved a lovely place to spend an afternoon on my lonesome.

In other news…

I got my first piece of German mail addressed to Frau Carroll. Still. So. Weird.





2 thoughts on “Pfaueninsel

  1. Dig the water buffaloes! Wish there was video of your sliding around the banquet room – but I can picture it, Frau Carroll 🙂

  2. The peacocks on Pfaueninsel are probably safer then the ones here in our street, we often have casualties because of speeding cars !

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