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This week is testing my patience.  I’ve still no visa/work permit, and our bathroom/shower is out of commission for the umpteenth time.  We’ve had no hot water, all hot water, no electricity, broken doors and currently broken shower heads and I’m about done with it all.

However, this week has also been full of some enjoyable stuff.


Enjoying Oktoberfest Bier…in the comfort of our apartment.

Last Friday was Der Tag der Deutschen Einheit.  It celebrates when East and West Germany made up, and decided to be one, big happy nation again.  The weather was gorgeous.  In fact, this autumn is shaping up to be an incredibly mild, and enjoyable season.  Although, you wouldn’t know it from the attire of most Germans.  Despite the fact that it’s 20°C, we’ve seen people strolling about in heavy coats and even SCARVES.  I think it’s just hardwired in many a German brain that October is the time when it gets cold.  Just as I stare perplexed at a person in a wool peacoat, they stare just as befuddled at me in my skirt with bare legs.  IMG_2225


However, it IS autumn even if the chill hasn’t quite struck.  So what better autumn activity than apple picking?  A few of us wives and assorted kids collected what looked to be the last remnants of the season at Neumann’s Erntegarten near Potsdam.

Jenny and Mila

We loaded our buckets with apples, pears and raspberries with hopes of apple pie, applesauce and other assorted goodies.

Mila doing some raspberry picking

I took another tack.  I made my own apple cider using this video for guidance.  I CRAVE  apple cider in the fall.  The mere sweet and spicy scent of it makes me all glassy eyed and nostalgic.  We didn’t even drink that much cider in my childhood home, but that apple cinnamon fragrance is the most wonderfully ubiquitous scent in late fall/holiday time, and I’m immediately transported by it.

My cider turned out very delicious, although truth be told, next time I’m probably just gonna grab some apple juice and cheat my way to apple cider by just boiling it for awhile with some spices.  Neverthless, with all this mega tasty cider, I had to gild the lilly just the littlest bit.  IMG_2246The cocktail you see before you is called a “Chris Martin: Sad Apple”, and I learned of it from youtube goddess Mamrie Hart.  It’s a mixture of apple cider, apple vodka, rosemary simple syrup, and  lemon juice poured into a glass rimmed with caramel.  HOLY MOLY.  I whipped up the caramel and rosemary syrup myself, so I felt like a super pretentious bartender throwing around the word ‘artisanal’.  If you feel like indulging you can watching the video however, this comes with a MAJOR NSFW warning.  You may be scandalized by the language/puns.

Just make this cocktail and be happy.

Another thing that made me happy:

First Aid Kit!

IMG_2252 (1)PC and I bought our tickets assuming that we’d be attending together…right up until we realized he’d be in Austria for a team trip.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anyone to take his place, so I went to the show alone.  So glad I did.

These Swedish sisters know how to harmonize like nobody’s business. They have a charming, self deprecating stage presence, and took time to tell a few cheese themed jokes during their set.  At one point, the performed a song completely unplugged, no microphones, nothing- it was gorgeous.  They covered a Jack White song, which I had actually heard them do on Triple J’s Like a Version show.  Have a look/listen here, it’s definitely worth it.  Essentially they indie-folk-pop-country-rocked the house.

I guess this week wasn’t so bad 😉


3 thoughts on “So many youtube links in this post

  1. Autumn is awesome, and so delicious! Sad Apple looks and sounds amazing, and homemade cider – wow! That bathroom of yours would cause me to want to take a life – hooray for beautiful weather outside! Sad you had to go alone, but they do harmonize gorgeously- have heard a couple tunes. Just saw Petty and the Heartbreakers – there’s nothing like a live show 👍🎉😊

  2. I love Mamrie, every time I watch her I think of you and Chrusty. And thanks for the intro to First Aid Kit….I love them!!!

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