“Insanity- doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”

-Often inaccurately attributed to Albert Einstein, and frankly I have no idea who said it first

So…a few of the wives on the team were going to run the Charlottenburg 10k.  Having been told to stop running forever due to the ol’ arthritis one gets after a few too many knee reconstructions, I naturally signed up.  I had taken a year off running, and didn’t notice a major difference in my knee pain.  However, I did notice that a magical needle filled with lubricating acid makes a difference.  Thanks to five shots with the magic needle, I felt like I could get through a 10k.  However, the primary motivation was just to have a good time with the ladies, and enjoy the atmosphere.  Photo 12-10-14 16 17 40 (1)

Petra, Megan, Angel and I rocked up on Sunday ready to run.  All of us except Angel failed to train.  Call it laziness or denial, training did not happen.  Another thing that didn’t happen: the boys cheering us on.  An away trip we hadn’t expected took the guys to Innsbrück, so it was girl power all the way.

Photo 12-10-14 13 32 07

The weather was perfect, and the route was fun.  Staring an ending at Schloss Charlottenburg, you get to run all over West Berlin, and even through the zoo.  By kilometer 7, things were looking rough.  I figured there was no point slowing down, because I wasn’t gonna spend one second longer than necessary pounding down the street.  So, somehow I powered through, and then it was over! Photo 12-10-14 16 17 40We ALL made it!  Angel, significantly faster than the rest of us 😉

After the race, we went to our favorite lunch spot, the Village Feinkost cafe.  I realized that in all this time I may never have mentioned this place, but it’s seriously the best.

In other news, I finally got around to reading Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris.  I have no idea what took me so long to get to this one-there’s really no excuse.

The collection of essays includes some very funny observations about moving to a foreign place, in his case Paris, France.

Some of my favorites are about learning a new language while trying to go about daily life.

First, the initial difficulties:

“I’d hoped the language might come on its own, the way it comes to babies, but people don’t talk to foreigners the way they talk to babies.  They don’t hypnotize you with bright objects and repeat the same words over and over, handing out little treats when you finally say “potty” or “wawa”.  It got to the point where I’d see a baby in the bakery or grocery store and instinctively ball up my fists, jealous over how easy he had it.”

I hear ya man.  Damn babies.

Then there’s the point when you begin to build your vocabulary

“Things began to come together, and I went from speaking like an evil baby to speaking like a hillbilly.  ‘Is thems the thoughts of cows?’ I’d ask the butcher, pointing to the calves’ brains displayed in the front window.  ‘I want me some lamb chop with handles on ’em”.

Then the point when you learn enough grammar to realize how dumb you sounded before

“Before beginning school, there’d been no shutting me up, but now I was convinced that everything I said was wrong.  When the phone rang, I ignored it.  If someone asked me a question, I pretended to be deaf.  I knew my fear was getting the best of me when I started wondering why they don’t sell cuts of meat in vending machines.”

When you understand the insults people yell at you

“You exhaust me with your foolishness and reward my efforts with nothing but pain, do you understand me?”  The world opened up, and it was with great joy that I responded, “I know the thing that you speak exact now.  Talk me more, you plus, please, plus.”


I’m really trying to up my German game, so these were really speaking to me.  ha. ha. get it?  Ok but anyone else out there trying to learn a language, you feel me?




4 thoughts on “10k

  1. I feel you on the language struggles. I’ve entered a new stage in my Tagalog learning which involves wanting to not speak the language just so I don’t have to hear, “Wow you know Tagalog? How long have you been here? What do you do? Where do you live? You speak so well.” In that order … without fail. haha

  2. CONGRATULATIONS Erin, Petra, Megan & Angel on finishing the 10 km race, you deserved your lunch at the Good Food café ! Talk about learning a new language, specially writing in a new language, I’m still learning…….. Spell check is a wonderful gadget !!
    My advice don’t worry if people laugh at you when you try to speak a new Language !

  3. Some people have a way with words, other people ……….not…have…way. Good on ya’ on finishing that damn 10K, but dem shoes, tho? Sweet 🙂

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