Soccer Friends

Last week, an old Pepperdine soccer friend stopped by Berlin- Amanda!  By way of introduction and nostalgia let me present these pics from the college archives…

seniorstuff 318
Look at these babies at Senior Formal! Jess, Maes, don’t hate me! xo
summa07 111
an outing at six flags

She took time out of her ass kicking/ kick-ass job at Netflix to visit Europe!  One of her best friends, Jen, lives on a US base in Germany with her husband, and another, Kelsey, lives in Ireland with her fiance.  Luckily, all three of them were able to meet up, and enjoy some time in the German Haupstadt.

I took almost zero photos.  Good one erin.

Here’s a pic lifted from Amanda from the Monkey Bar at Bikini Berlin.

monkey bar

Netflix has recently come to several European countries, and it was funny hearing about the complexities of bringing the service to different cultural markets.  For example, it is not at all surprising that Germans were vary concerned about and wary of the predictive feature from Netflix that suggests which shows and films you should watch next.  Privacy worries, of course.

As usual, I made the visitors walk a whole bunch and spouted out facts tour guide style.  We traversed a good deal of Mitte before making our way to Ritter Sport to make some custom chocolate bars.  After choosing milk or dark chocolate, you’re faced with an array of fillings and forced to narrow it down to merely three.  If you know me, it will not surprise you to know that having arrived at the counter still completely undecided, I let pure instinct and whatever my eyes happened to light upon first do the choosing.  It turns out that cocoa nibs, cornflakes and dried cherries go pretty damn well together.

Amanda and Kelsey also appeared to have great success with their creations.

First Bite
trepidation during tasting
I think this is glorious
indeed, it is.

We met up with PC for dinner at Transit, and then I walked the girls over to the East side where we found a spot at Club Der Visionäre, still quiet and empty enough for chatting.

The next day, involved more walking, and meeting up with another soccer friend.

Jen played soccer at Utah, and a former teammate from those days happens to live in Berlin.  We met up with her for dinner, and she took us to Jacob’s for an incredible meal.  Having told the chef to simply send out whatever he wanted, we were served dish after dish of delicious food.  I think in all, we ate approximately 3/4 of the menu.


We spent some quality time sharing soccer horror stories, and traveling stories.

It was really lovely having them in town, and I hope to see them all again.



One thought on “Soccer Friends

  1. So cool to have good friends that care enough to travel and visit! Looks like good times and deliciousness was had all ’round! And pretty damn clever use of “vary” on your “Germans fear predictive technology” 😉

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