Last week we saw John Legend at the Tempodrom in Berlin.  PC, Kawika, Erik, Megan and I were treated to nearly two hours of soulful, smooth stylings.

Sorry the photo is kinda crap

His voice is truly impressive, and I really enjoyed the string quartet backing him.  It was an excellent show, and I have only two complaints.

1) This was the first concert I’ve been to in Berlin, where people were NOT movin’ and grovin’.  Seriously, let loose people.  He had to really coax people to their feet during ‘Green Light’.

2) The encore.  John Legend’s encore is his current hit and eponymous tour title, ‘All of Me’.  So, when the regular portion of the show ended, and we hadn’t yet heard that song, it was pretty obvious what was coming next.  You can’t call it the ‘All of Me’ Tour and then not play the track.  I, for one, prefer a bit of mystery in my encores.  I love the guessing game, and the excitement when the artist comes back and starts jamming.

Even if it’s all a formality, the applause to bring the artist back on stage…the standard waiting period…there’s a feeling that there is a connection between the artist and the audience.  That they appreciate, and respond to the fans’ love with a couple extra numbers to express their own appreciation.  Even if the artist has rehearsed this, it shouldn’t feel too calculated and routine.

In the end, ‘All of Me’ WAS an fun number to end the show, and it was a fun night out.

Not my photo, stolen from john legends IG :O

Now to sporting news…

In their first home match of the season, the BR Volleys managed a victory against Bühl in a 5 set nail biter.  There were a few stretches of dismal looking volleyball, but the team ultimately found some rhythm.  PC, however, was in great form, and was named MVP of the match.
IMG_2351PC’s Australian teammate, Nehemiah Mote, or Nemo, was on the opposing team, so they got a little chance to catch up.  Here’s hoping Paul, the Brojis (Erik and Kawika) and co. continue on a winning streak.  Speaking of the Brojis…check out their sweet blog.

In not so exciting news, I’ve been spotting some new and exciting products around the shops here…

Hot Blood energy drink Because that’s obviously a great name for a beverage
Oh hey, imitation Tim Tams! Not a direct hit in terms of similarity of flavor, but a good effort. However, I want to know why nobody is doing knock-off Mint Slices. Why???!!!
These beautifully packaged Italian ginger candies

The weather in Berlin is finally chilly and properly Autumnal.  I managed one last stroll around the castle before the time change rendered late afternoon strolls too frigid.


3 thoughts on “Legends

  1. Encores – so rehearsed, yet so critical. Gotta give the people a big finish, send ’em out raving, and toss in a surprise or 2. Bet the libero play is strong to support sweet setting and powerful attacking. I love all things mint, and gorgeous twilight sky!

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