Halloween with Ina

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Last Friday, we threw a little Halloween party at our place…and I took not one single picture. My whole forgetting to take pictures thing is not conducive to this blog thing.

I was reasonably proud of my efforts too! Channeling my inner Ina,  I made almost every bit of the meal from scratch.  From the caramel sauce I poured over the top of my pumpkin cheesecake to the cornbread we dipped into the chili con carne.  Heck, in an effort to be kid friendly I made mummy french bread pizzas, and jack o’lanterned some bell peppers before filling them with different dips.  Incidentally, I’m pretty sure the kids were unimpressed with those efforts.

Nevertheless, it was a lovely evening spent chatting with friends, and watching children run around on sugar highs.

On Halloween morning, I received a glorious care package from Jess and Matt Mckee.

Don’t even try to hate on my autumn mix

The package was stuffed with pumpkin treats from Trader Joe’s.  I’m often asked what things I miss from the states, and frankly, my list isn’t extensive. Here it is:

1) Fish Tacos

2) Trader Joe’s


PC’s team lost a heartbreaker 5 setter to Friedrichshafen over the weekend, but they’re hoping to bounce back in their first Champions League match of the year tonight.  He’ll be playing against Australian teammate, Nathan Roberts, and his team Ach Volley Ljubljana.  Watch it here, if you’re interested.

In other news I finally discovered why coconut water is a thing.  Having tasted several boxed and bottled versions of coconut water that taste like watered down post cereal milk, I was decidedly underwhelmed by that beverage.  However, the other day I bought a young coconut and hacked the bejesus out of it.  IMG_2363

What’s a girl to do sans machete or butcher cleaver or a clear sense of how the heck to open a coconut?  Anyhow I eventually mutilated the thing well enough to get at its juices, and good gracious I totally get the coconut water thing now.  So refreshing.  Plus, all that cavewoman hacking TOTALLY counts as a workout for the day.

Speaking of beverages, PC and I finally found a nearby supermarket with a decent liquor selection!  In addition to having more than one type of gin and tequila on offer, they also had these German curiosities.

Bärwurz: literally ‘Bear Spice” and Potato schnaps Allegedly, bärwurz comes from some Bavarian plant, but I prefer to imagine there’s a real bit of bear in every bottle.

Bonus: we bought a six pack of Erdinger, and there was a prize in the box…
IMG_2383Thank you Germany for this beautiful Lederhosen Apron.

It’s rubbish for any cooking activity apart from grilling, but who cares.  It’s a masterpiece.


5 thoughts on “Halloween with Ina

  1. I asked my mom – in secret, mind you – to drop a bag of Autumn Mix in her coming care package. Andy is possibly the biggest hater of all – “blah blah blah preservatives blah blah blah…” Enjoy to Trader Joe’s goodies. So jealous!

  2. Way jealous of your delicious and festive Halloween feast! My evening was a movie and a burger – pales in comparison – although wondering if you ever miss big, fat ‘Murican burgers? Love the apron pic, but yes, we always wants more of your personal photos – though your “words-eye view” is what drives this baby 🙂

  3. I so loved the free “almost” an apron. . . but it does look great on you erin. I am also so glad you happened to try real coconut milk. . .sometimes people hammer a large nail or screwdriver in the blackish holes at one end, and just drain out the milk. . . but HACKING is the only way i know to get it open, unless you have a sledge hammer close at hand. . .an unfriendly “user” fruit for sure. P.S. I still love candy corn

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