Stupid and Ordinary

In the last week PC had a few matches, I taught some English, and we saw some old friends.  Nothing particularly out of the ordinary.  Indeed, my post this week is essentially about the stupidest most ordinary thing: inspiration from the internets.

Specifically, I fell into a youtube rabbit hole watching people try international foods, which led to watching people taste strange chip flavors.  Here are the ‘inspiring’ videos if you care to watch.

Some NSFW language here

Start this one 4 minutes in. It’s a bit slow paced.

some more NSFW language

I’m rarely searching out the exotic in my daily life here in Germany.  Additionally, I rarely buy chips.  However, I found myself hovering around the chips aisle at my local supermarket the other day, and decided to examine the offerings. Here’s a few that stood out.

First Up: Cheeseburger.  I couldn’t make myself buy them at the time.  I’m imagining a lot of fake cheese and ketchup taste, and some general worries about the meat flavor possibilities.

resplendent with American flag detail

Next: Chips marketed specifically for guys’ night.  I have never understood food marketed strictly to one gender.  I still recall utter confusion as a 13 year-old in London for the first time staring down a Yorkie chocolate bar proclaiming itself “not for girls”.  I’m sorry chocolate is for everybody.  And, by god, so are barbecue flavored chips!  Although, I’m a tad confused about what this ‘flamed’ bbq situation is.  Flamed?


Next: The chippies I actually exchanged money for: Roasted Bacon Style.

I find it interesting that it’s merely in the style of roasted bacon.  It doesn’t say bacon flavor.   I also liked that there’s a sprig of rosemary peeking out behind the bacon to class things up.  My verdict: average taste, good texture, not particularly bacon-y.  Will not buy again.

As I was leaving the market, I took a gander at the beverage selection and saw this abomination.  A coquettish fox encouraging me to drink some brand of jägermeister mixed with coke…hard pass. However, A+ for originality.  IMG_2454This concludes the stupidest thing I’ve ever posted.

Also of note on the internet, BR Volleys tickets on Groupon!

Berlin Recycling Volleys Berlin Deal des Tages _ Groupon Berlin

Oh and PC and I are totes into the Serial podcast.  I love the concept, and the break from visual stimuli.  Plus, the case is fascinating.

Thank you, Internets.

3 thoughts on “Stupid and Ordinary

  1. Could this be a little side job for you Erin, ‘testing new flavors’ You would be good in describing what you taste…….Thor (our Swedish friend) is working for a company that makes flavorings for all sorts of food & drinks !
    I remember when I tasted Vegemite for the first time, yuck but I have over time become to like it !
    Congratulations on your Teaching Job…..I’m sure you make it fun !

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