Child’s play

The week started off with this gem.  Our Ass of the week, PC.  Here he is modeling again.  And ok, ok Ass means Ace, but I can’t help myself.  I’m in my late twenties.  Ass jokes are not off the table.


Then, on Friday I traded in our Smart ForTwo, and picked up the new Smart ForFour.  I have to say, apart from the garish orange interior, I’m impressed! I think it’s trying to be a sportier mini countryman.  It has a flashy multimedia display, some decent speakers (thank the Lord, the smart fortwo’s were abysmal), and I feel just that teensiest bit safer in the thing.  IMG_2487

I must admit that I had a mini panic attack when the lady at the Smart Center announced that it is a manual.  I realized I’d have to drive it off the Smart lot without totally embarrassing myself, and/or freaking out the dozens of Smart employees watching me.  But don’t worry, I succeeded.  Even though I much prefer an automatic transmission, this new manual is easy and smooth.  That is, unless you’re in eco mode, and you can’t figure out whether you’ve stalled, or whether the car is trying to save the world by shutting off.

Later that day, I joined Megan as she was babysitting a very cool girl.  I showed up just in time to go careening down the artificial snow hill at Potsdamer Platz.

Holding hands in our inner tubes, Megan and I shrieked the whole way down.  It was pretty darn fun.  I’m totally doing it again.  Maybe when my sister is here…what do you think, Case? 😉 IMG_2509

We ducked into the Arkaden for lunch, and got quite the surprise.  IMG_2515 IMG_2516

No idea why that was happening.  You can’t tell from the picture, but the chap in the thong was easily the hairiest of the group.

On Saturday, I spent some time in a bubble. ok it’s not a bubble, it’s an inflatable sports hall!  I was pretty happy to let my students run around in there while I stayed warm.
IMG_2519On Sunday, I enjoyed a nice little dinner at Einstein with a friend from my Masters program!  Nina is originally from Moldova, but lives in Bremen.  I was so happy that we were finally able to meet up!

apologies on the photo quality, our server rushed a bit.

IMG_2527 This is a busy time of year for PC and the team with Bundesliga, Pokal and Champions League matches.  They’re on the road A LOT.  A few of the wives got together the other night to watch the Champions League match against Budva.

Here are two videos of the cutest girl.  Sophi loves volleyball, and she knows all the players on her daddy’s team…well almost all of them.

I apologize for filming these like a noob.  I was too busy laughing at Sophi yelling out the names of the players.

Favorite moments include:

1) Megan pointing out Kawika asking,  “who’s that?”, and  is met with a definitive shrug.  Don’t worry Kawika, she remembered you later 🙂

2) Yelling “Meine Tato!” (sp?) cutest thing ever.

Before I go, I did you the favor of discovering this year’s must-have christmas list item: This patriotic jumpsuit retailing for a cool €160.

IMG_2481Make sure Santa knows.  You’re welcome.



3 thoughts on “Child’s play

  1. Can’t wait to see how many Asses can fit comfortably in that Smart for Four. Guess that makes you guys the SmartAss couple of Berlin. Not to mention naked ass at the mall – so many asses. Ride looks and sounds pretty sweet, though – gotta have my tunes!

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