Our Favorites: Dinner Bell

Ok, I’m finishing up our lists with dinner spots!

Chicago Williams

Delicious BBQ, craft beers and frozen cocktails all served up by extremely friendly staff.  You wouldn’t believe what a joy it is to find friendly service in this city.

Hannoversche Straße 2, 10115 Berlin

from: berlinfoodies
from: berlinfoodies


Our trusty, local Korean.  Kawika and Megan found this gem, and they do Korean bbq, as well as a killer bibimbap.

Knobelsdorffstraße 27, 14059 Berlin

from: yelp
from: yelp


We find ourselves taking lots of guests here.  The concept is Thai/Indonesian small plates, and the food is always tasty.  Our favorite dish: Catch the Fish, a silky curry.  This mitte location is great for grabbing a sneaky drink after your meal at one of the many hip bars in the area.

Rosenthaler Straße 68, 10119 Berlin

from: unlike.net
from: unlike.net

Kimchi Princess

This is the shiny, sleek Korean worth a cross town visit.  Grill up some bulgogi next to the cook kids of Kreuzberg.

Skalitzer Str. 36, 10999 Berlin

from: blog-edelight-de
from: blog-edelight-de


Pantry offers a kind of Iberian-Antipodean fusion cuisine.  It’s fancy, but accessible.  Great for a celebratory meal.

Friedrichstraße 120, 10117 Berlin

from: tripadvisor.com
from: tripadvisor.com

Honourable Mentions:

Jacob’s Bar and Restaurant

The last time I ate here, it was delicious, refined Israeli food.   But, after friends reported back that their menu has changed to burgers only…this place had to be relegated.  I’m still hopeful the menu may change again.

Pignut BBQ

We’ve only been here once, but it’s already looking to become a regular haunt.  Their meat was great, of course.  However, the surprising champion of our meal: the side of beans.  Saucy, smokey, and full of tender pulled pork- they are special.   Apparently, they do American style pancakes on the weekend, so we’ll just HAVE to return for that experience.

from: berlinfoodstories
from: berlinfoodstories


I wanted to include a couple of choices for a German meal.  We rarely go out for German food, given its availability in the VIP room after matches.  However, here are two of our favorites.


Actually delicious schnitzel in a land of mediocre imposters.

Röntgenstraße 7, 10587 Berlin

from: schnitzelei.de
from: schnitzelei.de



Upscale, refined German food.  No schweinehaxe here.

Grolmanstraße 52, 10623 Berlin

from: florian.de
from: florian.de

Also, when possible (lately it hasn’t been) we love: Street Food Thursday   Full of fantastic international food, including a place selling meat pies (much to PC’s delight).  However, it is unfortunately also FULL of people.  Fighting the crowds is annoying.

A note on Turkish food:

There is A LOT of Turkish food in this city.  Honestly, we love it, but we haven’t done a great job of searching out the best of the best.  Therefore no entries here.


Alright, that concludes the list.  We’ll be going back to regularly scheduled programming now.



One thought on “Our Favorites: Dinner Bell

  1. I’m all about Chicago Williams and Pignut BBQ, and gotta have dem beans! I think I can personally vouch for both Schnitzelei and Florian – delicious! But mostly cannot wait for my next, if not first, “sneaky” drink 👍😉

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