Pre-Christmas fun in Berlin

As a child, my parents made sure that Christmas was not just one day, but an entire season of cookies, crafts, carols, and most importantly time with friends and family.  In fact, it is the sometimes the pre-Christmas rituals that are more dear to me than the day itself.  Family cookie making, dinners at Domenicos, trips to Knotts Merry Farm, I awaited these with the same excitement as opening  presents.

Here are some of the pre-Christmas festivities we’ve enjoyed here in Berlin.

Cookie Making with the BR Volleys ladies.

I have to say, some of these kids decorated far better than my sisters and I ever did.  However, they did eat more sprinkles sans cookies in the process.  I mean they were not shy with ’em.


Even the littlest ones joined in.  IMG_2654 IMG_2657

We even had a little gift exchange after the cookie fun.  Sophia’s mega-creep babydoll somehow wound up in the shot, and I’m convinced it’s possessed.  IMG_2659

Before leaving for holiday break, we managed to check out a new bbq spot in the Arminiusmarkthalle in Moabit.

IMG_2684Designed by the same fellow who designed Markthalle Neun in Kruezberg, it’s a beautiful old building with all of the charm, but less of the crushing crowds in X-berg.

We ate at Pignut BBQ, which I spoke about in the previous post.  Incredibly friendly service, and delicious food = winner.

As we were leaving, we were spying on a sort of Christmas variety show taking place at one of the stall restaurants nearby.  They had set up a sort of photo backdrop thing, so we had a little fun with it.  IMG_2680

That outlaw was a lil too tall for the backdrop.  However, it was perfect for Megan and me.

mean muggin’


Saturday was English class, and I thought it’d be fun to make some food.  After asking them what sort of food they’d like to make, and what flavors they like, I was met with two halfhearted answers: healthy and chocolate.   We can’t really cook with heat or appliances in a classroom, so we made Zucchini sushi rolls, and Chocolate Strawberry Trifle.

I reckon the kids did pretty well!  IMG_2689

Aaaaaannnd they actually ate the stuff they made! There was initial grumbling about vegetables, but they ate them all.  And the trifle?  They were in love even though the picture below looks like they might be planning mutiny.

that’s a butter knife in his hand…don’t worry

It has been pretty warm all of December, but we all wigged out a little when we got a little hail and snow storm for about an hour at the end of the school day.  Settling the kids down after lots of sugary treats and a hail storm wasn’t easy, but I cheated and let Mr. Bean help me.


Back at home, I tried to keep the house smelling Christmas-y. After a couple years of making cookies and realizing that half of them were going to waste, I have re-ordered my Christmas baking mindset.  A girl’s still gotta have some sweet stuff for her sweet tooth, so I cooked up a cranberry tart, and some sugared cranberries that PC and I could NOT stop snacking on.  IMG_2647 IMG_2620Hey if we weren’t gonna get any snow for Christmas, sugary frost would have to do.

PC ended up having a few days off for Christmas, so after all this fun, we got out of the city for a few days. That’ll be coming up next on the blog.


3 thoughts on “Pre-Christmas fun in Berlin

  1. ERIN, THE CRANBERRY TART LOOKS YUMMY ENOUGH TO REACH OUT AND EAT!!! sOUNDS LIKE YOU WERE MOST SUCCESSFUL IN CELEBRATING THE CHRISTMAS SEASON, in your traditional; upbringing style. . . love it Sure miss both you and paul, and jealous of all your adventures. . . i can’t wait to here about your actual Christmas. . . and an early Happy 2015 to you both as well.

  2. Wonderful memories and sweet new interpretations! Children add a special dimension to christmastime fun! Diggin’ the mug shots and jealous of the BBQ. Impressive classroom food prep, and nice to know Rowan Atkinson can occasionally lend a hand 👍

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