A brief look behind volleyballers

I interrupt normal programming for this special report:

Have you ever noticed that when it comes to sponsorship and advertising in volleyball…

they love the booty?


This trend is not nearly as prevalent in women’s volleyball.  A fact I find comforting given the over-sexualization of their shorts as it is.  It just makes it more curious.  It’s not as if men’s volleyball players are known for their backsides.  And often, there’s available space elsewhere on the uniform to stamp your company name.  However, the booty remains a prized spot.

Here are some examples:

One of Mitteldeutschland’s (the neon green team) main sponsors is MITGAS.  Mit means ‘with’ in German, and for pure comedic value, I dearly wish they had chosen to be the butt sponsor for the team.  I would never stop laughing.


We’ve kept it cheeky with StarFM.  DSC_0322

Most German teams rock it.


They love it in Poland.  sreckovolley

The wings on this Italian team remain a personal favorite.  wings

And if the derriere isn’t getting your company the attention it deserves…

Try a little crotch action.  crotchad

The. end. ha.

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