Flying Trucks and Rollable Snow

After a mostly meh January, things are starting to get exciting again here in Berlin.

First, I wanted to share my new obsession with you.


Yes, that’s a flying garbage/recycling truck.  Other teams might have a zeppelin, or something similarly basic flying around their arenas.  Not Berlin.  It’s massive. It’s detailed.  It drops scarves on the crowd.  I don’t even want to know how much it cost.  It’s the stupidest most perfect thing.

Speaking of Berlin Recycling Volleys, they got some amazing news a few days ago.

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 3.26.35 PM

Woopsy daisy CEV.

To be clear, they are hosting the MEN’S Champions League Final Four at the end of March.  That means that Berlin is automatically in the final four.  An incredible opportunity and accomplishment for Berlin.

Now for something completely different…

I liked these English language guides.  British= red phone booth.  American= 50’s style diner lady legs? I think I like it.


Found: the most elitist mommy mag I’ve ever laid eyes on.  IMG_2942

It’s French, and every child model looks chicer than I’ll ever be in life.  IMG_2943

Which reminds me, if you’ve never checked out the Pinterest page devoted to the imaginary well-dressed child, Quinoa, you might want to take a peek.   Equal parts snark and respect, the page celebrates the flawless and unrealistic style of Quinoa and her friends Boursin, Chevron, Hashtag, and many more.

On Saturday, we woke up to a sparkling white sunny day.  I mean, sun? in February? in Berlin? Wahnsinn.   IMG_3031At school, we let the students loose to create snowmen.  They scattered across the field, and began rolling little snowballs into giant snowman bodies.  The most  ambitious required 4 or 5 friends to lift and push their snow boulders.


As I watched them, I realized I never knew that snow was so…rollable.  From the side, the layers of snow look exactly like a rolled up sleeping bag.

I know that I’m a Southern Californian snow n00b, but this perplexes and delights me.

And I’ll end with this delight…

Katy Perry’s less coordinated Shark friend.

Hope your week is off to a great start.


4 thoughts on “Flying Trucks and Rollable Snow

  1. What a delightful pictures from the snow……it brings back childhood memories, we made houses out of snow,
    forming one meter high walls and an entrance in our backyard ! I must admit that we did not always got the chance
    to finish our house.
    Exciting news about Berlin Recycling Volleys !
    Don’t eat too much cake on your Birthday !

  2. lOVE the snow pics . . . great news on the final 4—i know where yu’ll be in March and an early HAPPY 28TH TO YU!!!!

  3. That rolled strip of snow is a trip – didn’t know it worked like sod either. Lovin’ the inflated trash truck, especially one that gives out free swag 🙂 But posing, air brushed tykes? Yikes!

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