Relaxing in Berlin

Last weekend, PC and I took advantage of a wedding gift from very awesome friends: massages at the Hotel Adlon Spa.  The Hotel Adlon has seen the likes of Adolf Hitler, Charlie Chaplin and Michael Jackson dangling Blanket out a window…so, quite the history.  It’s located right next to Brandenburger Tor, and it’s still a favorite for A-list types, so we knew we were in for a pretty swanky experience.  IMG_3259

It was my first massage ever!

This is me super excited/super nervous about what’s to come.  I’m definitely not freaking out.  IMG_3261

It was glorious.  Plus, we got to hang out in their sauna facilities afterward where we nabbed a couple of armfuls of free Evian.  Classy.  We left feeling super refreshed, relaxed, and amazed by the world of wealthy people.

I’m sooooo glad we had the incredible posh experience…especially after seeing the ads for this massage and spa experience elsewhere in the city.


I mean…IMG_3362

Completely needless.  Also, in 0% of saunas in Germany would you find this sort of demographic.  9 times out of 10 the median age in a sauna is 75.

Walking around Mitte, I came across this subtly creepy peeping tom situation.  But hey, art.DSC_0744 DSC_0665

For more creepiness, you need only step inside a quaint German toy store…and find a severed head amongst the other handmade teddy bears.

I really believe some sort of hit occurred in the night when all the bears came to life toy story style.

Now for some food stuff…

It’s our new favorite bread in Berlin! woot?  Incidentally, it is not a German style bread, but a french sourdough.   I hate to say it, but I’m simply not the biggest fan of German bread.  It took us a few years, but we finally found this baby at a nearby bakery.  IMG_3207Not to continue bashing on German food but my eyes alighted on this creation the other day at our supermarket, and had to share.  First off, the name is not off to a great start. SauerFleisch.  It proudly states that it’s meat from a pig’s head in jelly.  yikes.


The best part though, is that it proclaims that it comes in an attractive and reusable dessert dish.  IMG_3376

Who in God’s name is re-using that as a dessert dish???

Moving on to actual delicious food.

We found some truly delicious bagels.


Fine Bagels hangs out inside English bookstore Shakespeare & Sons.  A Jewish American Ex-pat, fed up with the terrible bagels in Berlin, began making her own.  She serves them complete with delicious schmear.  IMG_3400

Unfortunately, you have to travel to Friedrichshain to get these tasty things.  But finally we made it.  Thank goodness.  They were the first great bagels I’ve had in a very very long time.

honey and goat cheese, horesradish beet, and chive schmears

In other news, playoffs are kicking off here for the BRVolleys. So, let’s go you recyclers!

3 thoughts on “Relaxing in Berlin

  1. Man I loves me a warm, toasted, schmeared bagel! Crunchy, chewy, delicious! Gonna pass on the pig’s head meat, though – but gimme some a dat sourdough. Jealous of the massage – so swanky 🙂 Go BR Volleys!!!

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