Things Missed

We’ve had an exciting couple of weeks here with Champions League, playoffs and the like.  But here are a few other things both mundane and odd that haven’t made it onto the blog yet.

A couple of weeks ago, I was at my local Starbucks getting a bit of work done when I overheard an odd thing.  A woman was ordering her latte, and the Barista, pen in hand, asked the standard “your name please?”  the woman answered quickly, “Kein Name”.  No Name.  Without skipping a beat, the Barista drew a little happy face on the cup, and the transaction finished.

Have you every heard anyone refuse to give their name to the barista?

I get it, you know, the name thing is a kitschy American affectation.  A multinational corporation attempting some kind of community coffeehouse intimacy rings false.  But I’d still take that over a silent, anonymous encounter.  And ok, it can be annoying if the barista misspells your name, but most of the time it’s just comical.  There are whole Tumblrs devoted to the mangled and fanciful name creations of Starbucks baristas.  And lastly, if you don’t wanna give your real name, just give a fake one!  I know lots of people with a designated Starbucks alias.

Anyhow, it really surprised me to hear someone simply refuse to give any name.  I haven’t heard anyone do this before, but the Barista clearly had.  She didn’t bat an eye.  Has anyone else witnessed this?  I know that Germans take privacy very seriously, but I don’t know if I should assume that’s what’s at work here.  Any other ideas?

Speaking of odd…


When Sydney, Erik’s lady love, was in town she suggested we have a visit to Klo.  Klo, is a toilet themed bar.

Toilet brushes decorate the ceilings, and all manner of other odd crap is attached to every surface in the place.  In fact, the variety of decor makes the description of ‘toilet’ bar insufficient.  It’s more like haunted house-kitschy-erotica-toilet bar.


Beer is served in hospital urine containers.  


We ordered a special concoction served in a piss pot with extra long straws.  They also serve up a currywurst made to look exactly like a turd.  It was a pretty fun, Berlin experience.


Back in our hood…some other random schtuff

some descriptive graffiti


A Texas tourism campaign on taxis.

Some mortadella that has given me a few nightmares.  IMG_3466

I think that’s enough random crap for now 🙂

I hope everyone has a lovely Easter weekend.

Decopauged eggs made by students last Saturday at school

3 thoughts on “Things Missed

  1. Love your description of the toilet bar decor as including “all manner of other odd crap” – quite apropos – although I failed to find the erotica 😏 Bees and bears selling ham? And cool activity with the decoupage Easter eggs!

  2. Maybe “kein name” gives the barista a chance to show off artistic style with their choice of happy face style or other art. Love the bar, did you get shit faced?

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