Teddy Bears and Limbo

BRV has finished off the semifinals, and is preparing to face down Friedrichshafen in the finals.  But first a note about the last semifinal match.

At Thursday night’s match, we had a Teddy Bear Toss!

Together with Malteser, a charity organization, Berlin fans donated old and new stuffed animals for children in need.  Megan and I both bought the same little lamb which I named Crumpet, grew attached to within a span of 4 hours, and then mourned for an hour after launching it onto the court.  Because I’m an idiot.

But then, I’ve always been a little loopy about stuffed animals.  As a kid, I 100% believed my stuffed animals had feelings, and I’ve always had a thing about fairness.  So each night I rotated which animal I snuggled with, because I didn’t want any animal to feel left out and sad.  Picking only one to come with me on a family trip? so.much.anxiety.

Anyways, back to the toss…


Thousands of stuffed animals sailed out to the court. 

Look at all those animals!  I hope Crumpet is out there comforting a child, and fulfilling its destiny.


The next evening, BRV had a celebratory dinner for the Champion’s League bronze medal finish.  Along with a lot of the volunteers and managerial staff, we spent the evening at a club in the west of the city.  IMG_3579

Admittedly, it was a little odd to have a nice dinner inside a nightclub with which I normally associate the smell of cigarette smoke and body odor.  However, the club sits up high with a beautiful view of the city, and it turned out to be a fun night.

Now we’ve found ourselves at that point in the season when everything’s in limbo.  We don’t know what next season will bring.  We could end up back in Berlin, or starting out on a new continent.  The club is getting rid of the apartment we live in, so we have to pack it all up no matter what.  The summer schedule of events is starting to fall into place, but we are still working out dates, plans, flights, etc.  So, I’m trying to find some balance between enjoying our last month here, and planning adequately for the next six months. It’s not terribly stressful, but there’s just enough uncertainty to keep me up later at night than I’d like.

So, I’m trying to keep things light, and distract myself.  Here’s a few things that made me LOL this week.

I think this might be my summer motto:


And I can’t tell you how true this one is.



The finals start this weekend, and Game of Thrones is back.  So…here’s to the next month

5 thoughts on “Teddy Bears and Limbo

  1. Hopefully Crumpet is having tea at a party with sweet little girls. Just caught a glimpse at the far left of the video of a couple visiting players “startled” by the deluge of stuffed projectiles – priceless.

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