Spargel Spring

In case you weren’t aware, it’s that time of year again…maxresdefaultThe time of year when Germans lose their minds over asparagus.  Spargelzeit! Particularly, the fat, white variety that gets drowned in hollandaise sauce, and shows up on every single menu in the city.  I’m all for seasonal eating, and I like asparagus, but this obsession?  I remain perplexed.

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a ton of other interesting action in this neck of the woods.  The sun has been playing an infuriating game of hide and seek.  It also keeps showing up with an unwanted pal: wind.  Not to mention the intermittent rain that ruins a perfectly lovely, sunny day.  There’s a German saying, ‘April, April, der macht was er will’ which loosely translates to April does whatever the f@#% it wants.  I suppose that should help me accept spring weather, but the fact is I continually find myself caught outside in clothes that don’t quite account for the ever changing weather conditions. And its pissin me off.  In 3 weeks I’ll be in the drought battered Golden State where I’ll probably start complaining about the blazing heat.  I’m a real treat.

Tonight we have the second match of the finals series against Friedrichshafen.  Here’s hoping for a win!

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