This summer meant two trips to Australia, and a whole lot of excitement for PC’s brother Marc and his new wife(!) Gabbi!

Here’s the highlights!

I got to see the Trevor and Hilde’s new digs in Terrigal.


Their new location in a cute beach community is a massive upgrade.  DSC_0563


We had some fun times in wintry Canberra.  We rented a room in a shared house for the first trip, which was…interesting.   Living with other adults who have vastly differing ideas about cleanliness is always an experience.

We also enjoyed some new foods.  McDonald’s in Australia has gotten fancy as hell.  Now, they have touch screen kiosks where you can create your own burger complete with fancy bun, cheese and topping options. Then, it’s served to you on a cutting board.  A wooden cutting board.  Who does McDonald’s think it is?


I saw a stuffed crust pizza creation worse than some of the nightmares I’ve seen in the US.  Australia’s self-proclaimed favourite lovechild comes with mini meat pies baked into the crust.  We did not indulge.

We did indulge in a social media craze.  The freakshake at Patissez.  These crazy milkshakes went viral internationally.  But when we pulled up to the cafe on a Tuesday, it was already such a long wait we took our shake to-go.  Screw delayed satisfaction.

Normally, they look like this…


When we rocked up, a few flavors were already sold out for the day.  So, we opted for a salted caramel shake that is served warm.  It was totally delicious, but they totally forgot our garnish- a mini slice of pecan pie.

We visited some of the many many kangaroos hanging out in Canberra.  This male was lying down until he caught sight of PC, and decided to take a little stand.


So many roos

Then we got to take a special trip down to Gerringong on the NSW south coast to meet Gabbi’s parents, and see their wedding venue.  It’s a beautiful little area.


PC and I found it really special to meet Gabbi’s family, and we loved being included in some of the wedding tasks.  There’s something really meaningful about pitching in with family and friends at a wedding, and we were honored to be included.  Also Gabbi and Marc’s family and friends are pretty awesome.

Aaaaannnnndddd just a  little while later it was Marc and Gabbi’s wedding day!  Their location was absolutely stunning. Nestled on a hill looking out over the ocean it was part rural part beachy, and fit them perfectly.  After a week of crazy rain, and flooding, their wedding day was gorgeous and sunny, and everyone had a marvelous time.

These next pics are stolen from people off of Facebook 🙂 :/

Marc and Gabbi’s personal vows had everyone a bit dewy-eyed.

The party continued with beautiful and hilarious speeches, and dancing. It was really a perfect wedding.


I mean look how much fun they had!
lifted up

Although I’ve long considered Gabbi my sister-in-law, it’s pretty nice to officially gain another sister. Love you Marc and Gabbi!

2 thoughts on “Garc2015

  1. Love the GARC wedding photos – so fun! And the new Carroll abode in Terrigal looks fantastic – way jealous of their beach casa! What?! No pecan pie garnish?! You know I would have been livid. However, the promise of tomato sauce “squeezies” with the four-and-twenty? Epic

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