Koala Baby

We announced this to our family and friends already, but Woohoo! PC and I are going to have a baby!  It’ll be our little American-Koala-Berliner baby.  I will update the blog week to week with pregnancy posts now, so beware if you have no interest in this topic.

Alright here we go!


When I asked my sister to photoshop an American flag onto this baby she also made this masterpiece…


I am currently 18 weeks along, and thankfully I’ve been feeling great.

My first trimester was a little crazy.  I flew back and forth from Australia twice, flew up to Japan and back, and then over to Germany.  I am sosososososososo thankful that I didn’t have morning sickness, otherwise the 30+ hour trip from Hiroshima-Tokyo-Singapore-Sydney-Los Angeles would have been real unpleasant.  I’m really glad the first trimester was so busy, because I was too distracted to worry or fixate on the pregnancy.

Relax… I was following the pregnancy “rules” (for the most part- a few soft cheese nibbles and cold cuts may or may not have been eaten) and taking my pre-natals and stuff.  Plus, I think it’s kinda cool that our little koala has been to 4 different continents already.   Most importantly, it seems that so far the baby is healthy.

Woo! 18 weeks

We’re looking forward to finding out whether this bebe is a girl or boy in a couple of weeks.  We aren’t hoping either way, we just want to start preparing ourselves. Plus, naming a human seems incredibly daunting, and if I have any hope of deciding on a name by March 20th, I need to start as soon as possible.


This is my “How do I do a pregnancy pose???” pose

We found out I was pregnant while I was in Australia the first time, which was exciting…and then we had to figure out how the heck we were going to schedule checkups, and find a doctor during all this crazy travel.  Things seemed a bit daunting at first.  Then I realized that I have a brilliant friend who is an OB-GYN.  Massive shoutout to Jen, who guided me through the process, helped me schedule important appointments, and cleared her own dreadfully packed schedule to see us, and help us see our baby for the first time.  It was incredibly special, and such a relief to have a friend take care of us.  We are crazy grateful for her help, expertise and friendship.  Jen, you’re the best!

Now, we’re settled back into life in Berlin.  I’ve found a doctor and a hospital, and I’m working on finding a midwife.  German maternal care seems top notch, but there’s been a relatively steep learning curve to find out how everything here works.  I’m lucky to have some moms on the team who’ve been there done that, and I’ve found a little group of pregnant english speakers to ask tons of questions.

Just for funs, here’s a couple from when I was 6ish weeks pregnant.


Casey and Patrick were in town for their baby shower, so we got to take a couple of pics. sisterpreg

PC and I are so excited for this adventure.  Of course, the odd moment of blind panic presents itself here and there, but I’m guessing that’s just par for the course for the rest of our lives.  Yay kids!

4 thoughts on “Koala Baby

  1. Nothing says American style in your baby like McNuggets. So happy and excited for you and PC – you’ll be wonderful parents – consider all that aunt ‘n’ uncle experience you will have by then 😉

    1. The aunt nancy component wants to say i am loving the pic of you with your sisters, and the two bundles of joy—one which has now arrived!!!! So excited to read the weekly updates. . .

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