Halfway Point

I’m 20 weeks!  We are officially halfway through this thing, and it has absolutely flown by.

PC and I have failed to take a decent maternity photo together, but here’s one from Wednesday night after his Champions League match.


Found a Hebamme or midwive who lives close by, and seems awfully nice.  She’ll be able to come help us after the birth for a few weeks to make sure we and baby are surviving.  Me and baby koala are still feeling good, so not a lot to report!

Other than that, the weather is starting to turn colder, and I think we are slowly but surely sliding into winter.  Here’s some of the things we’ve been up to so far this fall.

We were able to enjoy some of the nicer days of autumn driving around a very sweet car.

A friend of ours leases this Audi RS5, but he had one month when he couldn’t make use of it.  He asked if we’d like to rent it for a month.  Naturally, we said yes.  IMG_4386

It was really fun.  PC got it up to 280 km/hr while I stayed at a more reasonable 230 km/hr.  I made PC promise that if we rented the car, we’d take a few day trips, so a few weeks back we went up to visit the city of Schwerin.

Schwerin is a beautiful, old town, and a great change of pace from busy Berlin.

PC’s pose game was strong that whole day.  DSC_0532 DSC_0535

Taking the bull by the horns.


PC as art.


As for other fall activities…

we’ve gotten to enjoy some trademark autumnal colors around town.  IMG_4517

We saw Of Monsters and Men at Columbiahalle on Monday.

From: Berliner Zeitung

And,as you could see in the first pic, Champion’s League started! We battled Kawika Shoji’s new team Arkas Izmir through five sets, but came up on the wrong end.  However, an added bonus has been a visit from Megan!   I’ve also finished my first week of my intensive German course.  I tested into an intermediate level, which is interesting since I can keep up with speaking and listening, but my grammar knowledge is atrocious.  Otherwise we are still obsessed with our nephew Patrick Shea! I love his lil surprised face!


Special congrats to my friend Rosanna who just welcomed her third girl into this world! Yay Baby Lily!

3 thoughts on “Halfway Point

  1. Great to hear from you both that all is going well with the forthcoming koala. The autumn photo’s are stunning and your adventure continues. Thinking of all three of you.

    Love from Hilde and Trevor

  2. Great stuff – and over 140 and 170 mph!!! Soooo jealous! So you can’t escape the cranes even in Schwiren 🙂 Great match with Kawica’s team – crushed them in the 4th set! Happy for Rosanna and Michael

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