22 Weeks

It’s midway through the 22nd week here in Berlin, and there’s been a lot going on.  Unfortunately, the week started off with a couple of horrible terrorist attacks.

On Saturday night BR Volleys held a moment of silence for the victims of the Paris attacks.  We feel very thankful to be living in a safe and tolerant country right now, and hope that the thousands of people desperate for safe haven will find it.  IMG_4657

In more cheerful news, BRVolleys won the match.   As usual, PC enjoyed playing with all of the little kiddos afterward.  He got pulled away to do a quick interview, and one of his little friends came with him to make sure he returned straight away for more playtime.

Yesterday I had a 3D ultrasound.  The doctor was extremely thorough measuring every little thing, and the baby koala seems to be normal and healthy!  I’m still amazed at the clarity and detail you can see on these scans…even if they are just a touch creepy.  I figure it’s only close family and friends that read this blog, so I feel alright sharing this shot.  We’re thinking he looks a lot like PC!IMG_4680

I’ve been starting some little nursery projects.  Like always, we don’t know how long we will be here, so I’m trying to coax my non-artistic self into making a few things rather than buying them.  It won’t be perfect…but made with love and all, right?


And here’s me at 22 weeks. IMG_4693I made a very tired PC take these after his all day travel extravaganza from Belgorod, Russia.

I’m getting excited for next week which will bring my last week of German class, Thanksgiving, and the beginning of the Christmas season/countdown to Christmas in Texas with Patrick Shea!


2 thoughts on “22 Weeks

  1. Love the little girl waiting for PC to hurry back to playtime! And the alphabet saying “I love you” ?! – love it! You look fabulous, and bring on the Holidays!!! 🙂

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