23 weeks

Well…technically today is 24 weeks, but here’s what 23 looked like.


I had my last week of German class woohoo!!! The last day actually happened to fall on Thanksgiving…so I was suuuper thankful on Thursday.  Because training has been a bit crazy, we only did a small dinner with the other Americans from the team, Erik and Paul.

Paul and I went to the same high school.  We were a couple years apart, and never knew each other but hey, small world.  Go Griffins!

We also handed out the advent calendars my mom gifted us for the holiday season.  I LOVE the calendars here.  They have chocolates you actually want to eat! Thanks, mom!


The baby koala seems to be doing just fine.  We have made zero progress on a name, and have not purchased any big items yet.  So….we’re on top of it 😉

I have tried to read a couple baby books.  Jess recommended, The Happiest Baby on the Block,  a nice quick read, and a book that I’ve no doubt will come in very very handy.  I also started Brain Rules for Baby, which I’m loving for its straightforward, scientific approach and myth-busting (yeah, all that baby Einstein/Genius crap is crap).  However, I was super disturbed the other day when I read some stats on babies on marital decline.  According to studies, couples suffer a decline in marital quality anywhere from 40-68% in baby’s first year.  Some studies put the percentage higher.  It’s one of those stats that is jarring at first, but then you sorta think…yeah…that isn’t too surprising.  Just another delight to look forward to!

On a happier note, we are happy and excited.  We’ve had some snow, Christmas markets are open, and everyone is healthy.  Oh, and PC’s team keeps winning.


One thought on “23 weeks

  1. 23 weeks looks lovely on you! Them turkey legs look delicious, not to mention the fixins’. No better holiday tradition than a Santa-themed advent calendar. Griffins representing, BR Volleys winning, baby koala growing – all good. So “marital quality” is a measurable stat? Is that hourly, daily, or what? 😉

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