25 Weeks

We got a stroller! After a lot of research and debate and second guessing, we finally pulled the trigger.  I think stroller shopping is a challenge for everyone (so many conflicting reviews!), but factoring in our three country, multi-season, super tall dad, travel needs was particularly vexing.  Oh, and we didn’t want something ugly as hell.

We need something that works for Europe and the cold snowy winters, long strolls, grocery shopping trips, and cobblestone streets.  Plus, it needs to be durable yet light enough for travel, and yanking it in and out of different cars and planes.   Some of the German models are absolute behemoths, and they’d be a nightmare in California.  Then there’s the super fashionable Euro brands like Bugaboo and Stokke that offer high style, but a €1,000 + price tag.  

I quickly found that reading US sites and reviews was kind of pointless.  The brands, functions and styles are all different.  So, after transitioning to German and UK sites, and going on a few test drive missions, I think we settled on the best option for us.  Plus, we got it on sale-woot!


That’s our Britax Go!  It came with a bassinet and sportseat.  We also nabbed a car seat while we were at it.


PC loves the high handlebar, and the thing folds like a dream which will be clutch!  We can’t wait to put baby in our Kinderwagen, and test the thing out for real.  We also want to say a big thank you to my parents, because this is actually their gift to us!  Thank You!


Aaaand here’s 25 weeks progress.   DSC_0639

I demanded that we take photos earlier this week, so we took a little stroll around our neighborhood.  We’ve only had a couple of really cold days here, and I’m wondering what sort of winter this will shape up to be.  Some say it’ll be horrendous, but for now the weather is still mild.


Thanks to photographer PC who has not been gaining any sympathy weight, and instead lost some body fat.  He’s lean and mean and playing very well these days.  With a semi-final cup match on Thursday, I’m hoping BRvolleys can come out with a big W.



3 thoughts on “25 Weeks

  1. hi Erin,I don’t reply as often as I should, but I do enjoy reading your posts. I love Paul’s expression.And I can see a future in stroller modeling for him. LOL.Looks like you found a great stroller–you guys will be running the baby all over the world in no time.To quote your dad (and Billy Crystal), you look marvelous.hugs and happy hollindaise 🙂 -Maureen

    Date: Tue, 8 Dec 2015 19:55:23 +0000 To: maureenmdillon@hotmail.com

  2. Damn you two look fabulous! Fashion plates and Euro-chic 🙂 Love the sweet blue on the car seat that pops next to the stroller – you guys do it right!

  3. wow your outfit matches perfect with your new gear so happy you now have wheels for the little one. . .that look good on you both. . . you are starting to pop out really nicely. . . lovin the posts

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