Fort Worth Christmas

We had such a lovely Christmas in Texas.

This little one made it extra special 🙂


Baby Patrick snuggled up to everybody flashing the cutest little smiles.  IMG_0050

He’s so thrilled in this one.

Case and Pat planned and suggested lots of fun activities, and good eats.  We had some delicious burgers and bbq, and some of the group went to a shooting range.   One night, we drove to the Texas Motor Speedway to see their “Gift of Lights” Christmas display.  Basically, you drive through and under the speedway grandstand to look at Christmas lights.  It was… kind of hilarious.  They began with a patriotic christmas display including santa riding in on a tank.

Here’s a blurry pic from the Merry Amurica display…Iwo Jima in Christmas lights.

iwojima christmas

Rounding out the whole ra-ra american thing was a massive billboard to the side advertising some massive gun that we should all get out there and buy.  I think PC was very amused.

Back to the lights…

Here’s what it looked like driving under the grandstand.  At some point we rolled through a Whoville, where some janky as Grinch emerged from the shadows,  and ran up to some of the cars to…I dunno scare us?  I refused to acknowledge the Grinch, so it ran along our car for awhile before giving up.  tmspeedway

At the end we pulled over for some funnel cakes before heading home after a truly weird, fun and very texas-y Christmas event.

We all threw on our Christmas shirts for cookie night.


Good ol’ Pepperdine buds IMG_0051


All of the Patrick’s hung out together.


PC got some fatherhood practice in.

We had a beautiful Christmas Eve dinner.  IMG_0043


The Powers couple (ha) were taking a lovely picture, so naturally PC wanted to get a lil nakey bebe in on the action.  The blurriness is from my laughter.

DSC_0734 DSC_0733

I tried to be fancy and make a gingerbread Buche de Noel.  Then guilted everyone into trying it.


Christmas morning arrived, and we were even game for a quick photo.

Patrick Shea was so happy in his reindeer suit.


We took some nice sister pics.

PC received a Dirk Nowitzki jersey from a Carroll brother, so naturally he took a matchy pic with his Powers brother.

On Boxing day, we headed out to watch the Mavs take on the Bulls.  As we were driving, torrential rain started coming down, and we got a life threatening weather warning.  Turns out…we were driving straight towards a tornado.  The warnings were getting worse and worse, but we got ourselves into downtown Dallas and into the American Airlines Center safely.  As it turns out, several tornadoes hit the Dallas area and surrounds, and people actually died. Lucky us, we were totally fine aaaand got to watch the Mavs win!

It was a pretty amazing Fort Worth family Christmas.


One thought on “Fort Worth Christmas

  1. Sweet and overflowing with warm memories and good family times! Wishing it was still ongoing – I’m left wanting more! Your Buche de Noel was delicious – I think I had 2 or 3 slices! So priceless that time and these remembrances 😍🎉🎄🎅🏻

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