28 weeks

Today marks 29 weeks, but here’s a look back at 28!

Pics by Casey


And for those interested, here’s the link to the very cute virtual baby shower that my sister put together.

I stayed another week here in Fort Worth to soak up the time with the Powers family.  Patrick Shea is such a good babe, rarely making a fuss.  I’m getting lots of good advice and insight.  We were listening to a little rockabye baby radio, and this gem came on.


We’ve been doing lots of little shopping excursions for baby related items that are harder to find back in Germany.  Patrick and Patrick tried out the Ergo around the mall with great success.

IMG_0124I was lucky enough to spend the last two New Year’s Eve’s with Case and Patrick…but what a difference a year makes.  Last year, we were in Berlin setting off fireworks that exploded against the sides of buildings amongst hundreds of people.  This year, we had a relaxed night in, and the only explosions we needed to worry about were the ones in Patrick Shea’s pants.  Apparently PC had another rowdy NYE back in Berlin with a whole gaggle of Aussies.

Today, on the official start of the 29th week, Patrick’s sister Catherine gave me a sneaky little peek at the koala baby.  It was so so nice of her to take time out of her busy schedule for me, and we got some cool shots.  I have no idea who this bebe looks like now, but he definitely looks human!


It will be funny to see what combination of traits this kid comes out with, because PC and me are pretty different physically.  And no, not just in terms of height.  I mean big vs. small eyes, small vs. big teeth, attached vs. unattached ear lobes, short vs. long second toes, perfect eyesight vs. horrendous eye sight.  We shall see….

Baby’s measuring a little bigger than normal, but nothing crazy.  Most importantly, everything still looks normal and healthy.  IMG_0128

I can’t believe I only have 1 day left with my nephew 😦 but we bought some matching pj’s for the cousins to wear when they see each other in July!  Yay for World League in Dallas!


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