29 weeks

Welp it’s been a pretty big week.

I started it off with my last two days in Fort Worth.  I don’t usually get so weepy, but the end of this visit was a tough one for an emotional, hormonal me. Meeting baby Patrick unlocked such a new feeling of love.  I’m obsessed with that squishy, smiley little love bug, and I am so glad I spent the extra time hanging with him and his parents.  It was like old times…but better.

I mean look at this little bear cub nephew…

IMG_0150 IMG_0152 IMG_0165 IMG_0167

In anticipation of the cousins’ first meeting this summer, Case and I bought some matching pj’s, and she even designed the cutest little rompers for the boys to wear at the World League matches.

IMG_0193to dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Here’s one of my favorite moments.  Patrick Shea conked out during a little cuddle sesh, and his hand just happened to land perfectly.  Can’t wait for years of hugs…and probably shoves…and wrastlin’ for these cousins.

While chillin in Texas we managed to watch a season and a half of the Great British Bake Off.  I first saw this program in Australia a couple of years ago, but FINALLY it has come to PBS/Netflix.  It’s like the most wholesome, most British little show ever.  Contestants are not backstabbing each other, tears are minimal, the most dramatic thing to happen was when someone threw a cake away, and the judges have the best names: Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood.

So, for my last night in Fort Worth, we had some excellent pizza out before hitting up Albertsons where we nabbed a bunch of $1 cake squares, took them home and critiqued them like Mary and Paul.  I highly recommend the show…and binging on cake.

During my layover in Heathrow I had to grab a mini victoria sponge cake.  In honor of the show, of course…and because cake…and because I had just gotten off the worst flight.


I don’t usually like to write about flight experiences, but this one was kinda terrible.  Nothing crazy or catastrophic mind you, just a lot of little frustrations and discomforts that piled up.  Flying while pregnant is totally doable, but a little trickier.  Your body has to work harder circulating blood and oxygen at altitude on a long haul flight, so it puts you at higher risk of things like deadly blood clots. So, I needed to get up every hour or so to walk around, stretch and maybe do some heel raises. Plus, I wore compression socks, and my doctor sent me with Heparin shots to thin my blood before flight. Because of the need to get up every hour (and yes, that means you can’t really sleep) I was really hoping to grab an aisle seat.

I tried to secure an aisle seat one hour after online check-in opened only to find that not one free seat was available….only those you have to pay extra for.   No matter, I figured they would be understanding at the airport.   At DFW I checked in with the first of many unfriendly American Airlines employees.  I asked if he could check on the cost of upgrading to business class for this trip, and he subtly suggested that it was idiotic to think I could get such a seat on the day of the flight. And, no there were no business class seats.  When I asked about the aisle seat possibility, he just thrust my boarding pass at me and told me to ask the gate. When I got to my gate, I found out that they’d overbooked the flight, and a bunch of people were without seats, so my request for an aisle was basically impossible.  Undeterred, I hoped that my aisle seat neighbor might understand my needs and switch with me.  Nope.  This woman quickly informed me that she had restless leg syndrome, and that she would get up a lot too.  Ok fine.  I squished myself into my cramped seat. My neighbor took up all a little more than her share of the space.  She definitely won the arm rest battle.

The other unpleasantness of this trip was the flight crew.  Never have I encountered such dour and flat out rude FA’s.  They were NOT in the mood to help anyone out whether that be getting a bag in the overhead bin, or finding an extra bit of cheese and crackers for a pregnant lady.  When I asked for a tea and a water during breakfast service, that came served with a massive eye roll.  To top it all off, my entertainment system suuuuuuuucked.  Tiniest screen I’ve seen in years, limited selection, and it was the kind where you have to wait for timed screenings of movies no starting or stopping as you wish.  Oh, and the dialogue track was inaudible, with no closed captioning option.  So…If you only wanted to hear background noise or the score- this was the sound system for you.  And thus I spent 9 cramped, bored hours on that plane.   I was even lucky enough to have some Braxton Hicks during touchdown, and transit through Heathrow.  Coupled with the whole emotional goodbye to baby Patrick I was in a real special mood in London.


But I arrived back to a beautiful, snowy Berlin.  And a happy PC.


Now the snow is turning to slush, and I’m getting walloped by the worst jet lag, but we made some updates to our nursery.  We got a nice Ikea dresser, and spent the better part of an evening putting that thing together.  IMG_0205 IMG_0204

And here’s a 29 week progress pic.


My final thoughts are that in the future I want to plan lots of family vacations with the Powers fam.  I know they will have their own big Powers vacays, but I demand Carroll/Powers time.  I’ma force that issue.

My next post will be more volleyball and less babies, but until then…



4 thoughts on “29 weeks

  1. Erin you’re looking more and more fabulous! Love baby Patrick and love the little onesies however I certainly do not love your AA flight experience! Not cool at all 😦

  2. American Airlines corporate needs to hear your story – disgraceful conduct. I am smiling all through the photos, and feeling your desire for “cousin time”! Gotta get me some cake! And yes, I spy with my little eye an adorably appointed nursery, including Sambas on that well-assembled dresser 🙂

    1. Lovely pictures, Erin you are so lucky that you could spend extra time with Casey and the two Patricks.
      You look beautifully relaxed in the pic where little Patrick fell asleep with his hand on your growing’ tummy !
      Paul arranged a lovely snowy Welcome Home, beautiful photo of you and Paul, mama & papa…….soon.
      The nursery is looking very nice, a fresh calm room with lovely little touches ! Love you XXx

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