31 Weeks

Here’s some other things going on in our neck of the woods.

Apparently, Germany was named the best country in the world according to a new ranking released at the World Economic Forum this week.  Woo Deutschland!  The U.S. News & World Report, Penn’s Wharton School and BAV Consulting determined these rankings based on a whole heap of different metrics.   A lot of it has to do with global perception, and despite some of the Eurozone wrangling, Germany has a pretty positive reputation these days.  The U.S. came in 4th place, and Australia in 6th, so that’s a pretty good result for the Bay-Carroll house.  There were a bunch of other categories like best place to raise kids, most powerful, best place for education, etc.  Have a look here if you’re interested.

Last night, BRvolleys played Belogorie Belgorod in Champions League.  They ended up going down 3-1 to the Russians, but they battled hard and PC played well.

Berlin, Deutschland, 20.01.2016: Volleyball CEV Championsleague Saison 2015/2016 - Berlin Recycling Volleys - Belogorie Belgorod. Paul Carroll (BR Volleys #12) gegen den Block aus Marko Ivovic (Belgorod #15), Artem Smolyar (Belgorod #7) und Sergey Antipkin (Belgorod #1)

Despite the loss, I was fully entertained the Russians.  Their play, their stature, and, naturally, their hair.  Some very proud mullets.

First, we must acknowledge the curly coif of Dmitriy Muserskiy.


The 7’3″ monster is one of the most impressive volleyball players in the world.  Apart from being absolutely massive, he’s quite skilled and smart.

But back to hairstyles…

#14 had a dumb and dumber inspired look.


and there’s this…Belogorie15_057

Well done, Russia.

Finally, we are nearing the end of week 31 with the koala baby.


Had a CTG this week, and everything was normal.  Baby is pretty active, still nameless and things are juuuuust starting to get uncomfortable in there.


We’ve got less than 2 months to go now!

5 thoughts on “31 Weeks

  1. We’re #4! We’re #4! Go ‘Murica and Down Under – but mad props to the Merkles 🙂 Stoked Paul got to play against Muserskiy, and played well – Way to go! And just 2 more months – YAYYY!!!

  2. you are one gorgeous “mom to be” I so enjoy watching the “bump” develop and i think of you often Thanks for sharing your pregnancy photos and experiences. Feeling privileged

  3. Oh my gosh hahaha those russian hairstyles, I was watching them on the lifestream and thought they looked bad on that, but wow!

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