33 Weeks

This past weekend, PC and I attended a 2 day prenatal class.  from 10am-5pm.  But…it wasn’t torture!

Class was held at our hospital, so it was nice to walk around the grounds, take a tour of the L&D area, and just get a feel for the place.  It doesn’t have a hospital “feel”, which is probably helpful when you’re trying to relax and make a baby come into the world.

The midwife who ran the class has a ton of experience in a bunch of different countries, and she was so friendly and open she put everyone at ease.  Maybe I’ll get lucky, and she’ll be working when the time comes 🙂 She covered a ton of different topics so, no, it wasn’t just breathing exercises in case you were wondering.  Here’s a few random things we learned:

  1. In Germany, a Dr. is not allowed to reveal the sex of a baby until the end of the 12th week.  This is to diminish the chance that parents will abort the pregnancy in case they aren’t happy about the sex…unfortunately usually when it’s a girl 😦
  2. They LOVE  home births in the Netherlands, but in Brazil close to 90% of births in private hospitals are C-sections.
  3. booty shakin’ is good for loosening up that pelvic floor during contractions

At the very end of the class, we all got up and tried out some different poses for the different phases of labor/gettin the kid in position.  Some of them get pretty intense.  Also, some of these are impossible for a mixed-height couple like us.

You can see a little booty shakin’ position here.

So, you know…lots to look forward to.

And, here’s 33 week pics IMG_0339 IMG_0343 IMG_0344


3 thoughts on “33 Weeks

  1. So … PC on the exercise ball, you facing and embracing him, legs wrapped around, circling each other, burning incense, chanting …. I think you both can accomplish this without any serious bodily harm. Oh yeah, and Baby Carroll will reap the ultimate benefits 🙂 And you look like the happiest parents-to-be ever!

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