So…that’s 34 weeks, 29 years…and a Super Bowl reference.

Sunday started out with some volleyball, and a tough loss to Friedrichshafen.   But the gym had great atmosphere, and we are still ahead on the table.

Then a handful of us watched the Super Bowl.  I made some Whataburger imposter Honey Chickie Biskies. Since it was technically my birthday, we also had cheesecake from Five Elephant (which makes the best version in the city).  We all managed to stay up even though the game itself was kinda…meh.  Congrats to the Broncos and all that.  Hopefully Peyton decides to hang em up.  I mean the guy is one of the greats, but obviously past his prime, and what with the HGH allegations it seems like now would be the perfect time to exit.

To celebrate my 29th birthday, PC and I had a delicious dinner at Katz Orange.  We got their signature 12 hour duroc pork, and PC got a fancy cocktail with a whole half passionfruit in it.


The restaurant is in such a dreamy location in mitte.


The highlight was definitely dessert.  We ordered the petit fours, and instead of stodgy little bits of cake, we got morsel after morsel of their dessert specialties.  Mini hazelnut mille feuille, tarte tatin, quince and sour cherry ice cream lollipops, tons of little chocolatey bits, etc. etc.  It was easily the best dessert I’ve ever ordered at a restaurant.  Plus, it was very reasonably priced. Winner.


29 is going to be a special year for one obvious reason.  Baby koala!  I can’t believe how fast this whole pregnancy has gone.  Sometimes, I still can’t believe we’re really having a baby. I had always planned for kids after 30.  Then, PC and I discussed a post-Rio scenario.  And then…the plan moved forward again.  So here we are, and we feel so lucky and grateful. 

Here’s the 34 week progression pics…

Things are definitely getting more cramped for the bebe and me.  Instead of big kicks (no room to cock your leg back I guess) baby just seems to be stretching out and wiggling around from time to time.


As for checkups or appointments….We have an appointment on Friday at our hospital to do some paperwork, and talk about birth wishes like water birth, epidural, induction, etc.

here’s more of a “bare” shot.



6 weeks left!


3 thoughts on “34-29-Omaha

  1. That game definitely took the “super” out of the bowl – but yay for the old man. Time to say “I told ya’ I could do it again” and walk off into the sunset. You look gorgeous and knowing that only six weeks remain is mind boggling! And if I ever have a chance to order petit fours, they will be judged against that masterpiece you guys reveled in!

  2. Looking absolutely radiant Erin! Also if you’re heading anywhere back near that restaurant you need to go and get at least 8 servings of those petit fours, package them up and send them back here immediately – they look and sound divine! x

  3. You look amazing Erin! Nothing more beautiful then healthy happy mommy to be! Peyton is my fav as you know but I agree……hang em up Peyton come to Cali and coach!

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