Maternity Photo Dump

We got our maternity photos from the very talented Nina Reinsdorf!

We love them, so we wanted to share a (pretty large) selection.  enjoy…hopefully 😉  NinaReinsdorfPhotographyErin&Paul015 NinaReinsdorfPhotographyErin&Paul017 NinaReinsdorfPhotographyErin&Paul020 NinaReinsdorfPhotographyErin&Paul026 NinaReinsdorfPhotographyErin&Paul030 NinaReinsdorfPhotographyErin&Paul033 NinaReinsdorfPhotographyErin&Paul035 NinaReinsdorfPhotographyErin&Paul042 NinaReinsdorfPhotographyErin&Paul044 NinaReinsdorfPhotographyErin&Paul054 NinaReinsdorfPhotographyErin&Paul058

We started the shoot at home, but then opted to walk around Schloss Charlottenburg.  NinaReinsdorfPhotographyErin&Paul061 NinaReinsdorfPhotographyErin&Paul063 NinaReinsdorfPhotographyErin&Paul069 NinaReinsdorfPhotographyErin&Paul072 NinaReinsdorfPhotographyErin&Paul075 NinaReinsdorfPhotographyErin&Paul077 NinaReinsdorfPhotographyErin&Paul084 NinaReinsdorfPhotographyErin&Paul087 NinaReinsdorfPhotographyErin&Paul097 NinaReinsdorfPhotographyErin&Paul100 NinaReinsdorfPhotographyErin&Paul102

we had a little swan stalker…NinaReinsdorfPhotographyErin&Paul105 NinaReinsdorfPhotographyErin&Paul111 NinaReinsdorfPhotographyErin&Paul113 NinaReinsdorfPhotographyErin&Paul117 NinaReinsdorfPhotographyErin&Paul123

Nina was so flexible with dates, times, locations and chilly wind.  We can’t wait to get her back for our newborn shoot!


2 thoughts on “Maternity Photo Dump

  1. So great! Erin, you are a beautiful expectant mom, and together you guys are a couple to which your baby will be a glorious addition! I feel so connected seeing the city shots, having been there, and soon to be back with you ALL 🙂

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