35 Weeks

We had a little checkup on Monday, and baby boy is estimated at 2770 grams right now, or a little over 6lbs.  These aren’t always the most accurate estimates, but I’d say it’s a good guess that he’ll be on the bigger side.  Also on the bigger side…me.  I’ve put on close to 20 kilos (!)  Doc says it’s fine, and judging by family history it seems to be pretty normal, so I’m just trusting that my body knows what it needs to do to make a healthy bebe.  Plus, I don’t think I look like a cow…yet.

We’re also beginning the lovely task of paperwork.  Germany is great because the government incentivizes having babies.  However, to take advantage of all these incentives you need to fill out a lot of forms, and, in our case, translate a bunch of our personal documents.  We’ll have to get the baby properly registered in the city, get its international birth certificate,  get it health insurance, get signed up for Elterngeld (parent money), get signed up for Kindergeld (kid money), and then of course get a U.S. passport (other passports possibly to follow).  If we can fill most of this stuff out now, that’ll make life a teensy bit easier after baby arrives.

Anyhow, bureaucracy is boring…

here are the 35 week progress pics



aaaand let’s check back in with the adorable 4 month old (wha?!) nephew PShea!


He’s such a little baby model!

Missin this lil guy who is apparently not so little-measuring in at the 99% for height.  Kinda seems like all the babies I know are in the 90+% for height, so at this point I definitely have no idea what a normal baby looks like.

In other news…PC opens up CEV cup play tonight against a Finnish team.  He’s been having a great season, and he’s been deservedly getting some good press about it.  You can read a couple of his interviews here and here.  Just chuck it into google translate.


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