36 Weeks

The lovely ladies of BRVolleys threw me and baby Carroll a shower!  IMG_0434IMG_0432Baby showers aren’t too common in Europe, so the girls were a little concerned it wouldn’t measure up to the American version.  But it was totally perfect!  ( Plus, I think a lot of american-style showers are over the top).  Baby Carroll and I felt so special!  IMG_0433They even tried to find a koala to perch on top of the diaper cake.  Apparently, koalas are pretty hard to find in this part of the world both in the wild and in the shops.  IMG_0438So…Maybe it’s not exactly a koala…but it works.  IMG_0440We made some onesies for the American Koala Baby to wear for all of its first year monthly milestones.  IMG_0444IMG_0443And these thoughtful friends gave me a voucher for a muuuuuch needed massage that I really can’t wait to take advantage of.  Thank you, girls!

As for the baby, I was slightly horrified by the update this week.IMG_0450

It’s eating its skin covering…gross.  Oh and BBC stands for Baby Bay Carroll just in case some of you thought it was a clue to its eventual birth name.

We can’t believe we’ve got less than a month until this bebe shows up!  I’ve had a few stress dreams like forgetting the baby everywhere, being forced to name it something I hate, forgetting to feed it…the classics.  But during the waking hours we are trying to stay relaxed and prepare.  Aaaaannnd we’re trying not to speculate (obsess) about when baby will decide to arrive and whether or not PC will be Berlin/Germany.  Not to mention speculating about whether baby will have arrived by the time my parents arrive one week after the due date.  Hospitals here don’t induce until you’re about 10 days over, so who knows! Anyhow, baby has been very chill lately, which hopefully just means that he’s snug and can’t flail around as much.

Oh and this cracked me up:IMG_0448

We had to have PC’s birth certificate sent over, so his parents dropped in a couple of photos for us.  This is little Paulie roundabout 11 months.  paulie

What a cute lil duckling.  I wouldn’t mind if the kid took after him.

And here’s the 36 week progress pics:


Getting closer!


2 thoughts on “36 Weeks

  1. Mmmmmm … More lanugo please! And then why is it so difficult to get kids to eat broccoli and other odd but healthy items after THAT in utero snack? Such a lovely and thoughtful shower by the gals – happy for you! And here I thought BBC was Bale Benzema Cristiano 😉

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