37 weeks

So, we’re officially in the month of March aaahhh!  One way or another this baby is going to make its debut this month.

But before the baby stuff, here’s something super exciting

BRvolleys won the Pokal!

It’s been 16 long years, but they are finally the German Cup champions.  The match was in Mannheim, so I did not attend, but 12,000 other volleyball fans did.


PC’s team faced off against TSV Bühl where one of his Aussie teammates plays.  In their last meeting, Bühl got the better of Berlin, but this time around it was all BRvolleys.


Berlin had to do it without middle blocker, Tomas Kmet, who had to have emergency surgery, and is still recovering in the hospital from a very, very scary infection.  Poor guy has another 2 weeks in the hospital, but he’s recovering, and thank goodness for that.


But there was more good news, because PC was named MVP!  Of course, it was a great team win and these awards don’t mean everything, but he’s been having a great season and it’s nice to see him recognized! Although I didn’t literally get to see it because the live stream cut off almost immediately after the match ended, so I missed all of the celebration, medal ceremony, mvp award grrrrrrrrrrrr.


Here’s a vid with some of the big moments.  It’s a little long and in German, but you can deal.

Ok so baby news…

Baby seems to have moved down a bit, and I thought that might alleviate some heartburn…but so far nahh.  I’m looking forward to my appointment on Friday for another guesstimate on baby’s size, position, etc.  In the last two days my appetite has really ramped up, and I’m torn between having healthy snacks or going the whole ‘enjoy unhealthy crap while you can’ thing.  We still have paperwork to complete, and my hospital bag is about half-packed, but I’m telling myself baby probably won’t arrive until the end of the month.

And here’s progress pics for 37 weeks…imageimage

Woo March!

4 thoughts on “37 weeks

  1. Wow. So much exciting news about paul. Congrats. And yes erin. These pics look like baby is close to greeting the world. Saying prayers that it all goes well. Sending love from our camp host home

  2. If I didn’t know, I would think PC was German based upon his interview clip – so impressive! Way proud of and happy for him and BR Volleys! Baby update’s got me excited for his arrival 🙂

  3. First, I am sending good vibes to TK for a healthy recovery!
    Second, congrats to BRV and their Championship!
    Third, woot woot MVP Paul!

    On Baby news, Erin, you look healthy, happy and almost ready to meet your Baby ! So excited to see the three of you in person in a few weeks!

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