39 weeks

We are cruising through week 39

PC made it back from Belgium, so we told baby that he can make his debut anytime now.   He doesn’t know English yet, so our little chat is probably meaningless…but babies are intuitive, right?

Speaking of which, BR Volleys beat Roselare in their CEV away match on Tuesday!  It was a tight five setter, but luckily our skeleton crew team (injuries and illnesses) came away with the W.  Roselare comes to Berlin on Saturday for the second half of the series, so hopefully the guys can give the home crowd another winning performance.

And one more semi-related thing about the opposing team.  Roselare’s players have actually created their own Youtube channel called Sons of Gravity.  Most of their videos are fun little trick shot stunts, but recently they sent a volleyball into space, and it’s pretty awesome.

I received a rather beat-up package that definitely looks like the Deutsche Post had a peek inside.  Probably looking for snacks.  And yes, snacks have been nicked out of packages in the past.


Luckily, this was not a snack package.  Also, I should have blurred Jess’s address, but they’re moving into their new home soon (woot!), so hopefully it’s alright 🙂

Anyway, here’s some cool stuff that was inside!  Especially love getting more books to read to baby! IMG_0513

In food news, we found a new Japanese bakery called Kame.  We tried their matcha tiramisu, and a vanilla bun both of which impressed.   I’ve been pretty slack about trying new places this year, but the last couple of weeks I’ve tried to sneak in a few new finds.  I’m also consciously evaluating all of our faves in terms of baby accessibility, and delivery options.  IMG_0517

Now for more baby specs…

I was pretty disappointed in this week’s animal size comparison for the bebe.IMG_0539

First of all, cat. blech.  Second, baby will be a dog person fo sho.  If he chooses an alternative cat lifestyle as an adult, well, we’ll just try to accept that.

And here’s 39 weeks…
IMG_0557 IMG_0562IMG_0564

So, we wait.  Part of me is eager to get this whole labor thing over with, buuuut I’m also happy to enjoy our last days just the two of us without any stress or sleep deprivation or time limits on showers 🙂

3 thoughts on “39 weeks

  1. Fantastic post! You look amazing and SOOO ready to deliver! Tremendous victory for the BR Volleys and PC, so glad he’s home with you now, and let’s have that baby! “Get OUT of my belly! 🙂 And yeah, enjoy these precious last few days as just a couple. But the SOG’s first volleyball in space? EPIC! So entertaining, great spoken English, and it looks like the balloon burst at just over 33,000 meters – wow! Can’t wait to be together in just over a week – hopefully the 5 of us 🙂

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