40 Weeks

We are currently at 40 +2 days

here’s the progress pics out of the way…


Staying comfy at full term.  IMG_0589

According to our app, baby is the size of one of my favorite animals of all time- the Red Panda!


If you need a lil life pick-me-up, go watch videos of red pandas playing in the snow for a few minutes.

We are a bit more relaxed because PC is here in Berlin for the next week and a half.  Speaking of which, I can’t believe the awful news from Brussels today.  This time last week, the team was at the airport, and would have been right in the vicinity of the bombs.  So we are doubly thankful that PC is not in Belgium this week.  We are also happy that the Belgian team, Roselare, made it back to Belgium safely after the match here in Berlin a couple of days ago.

In case you didn’t see, BR Volleys beat Roselare in 3 at home on Saturday night.   That means Berlin advances to the Finals series of the CEV cup….and won a trip to lovely….Siberia.  Ugh.  I really hate when they fly to Russia, and especially hate they have to fly out to the hinterland on some sketchy Russian aircraft.  Anyway, the first match will be played here in Berlin next Tuesday, and the away match will be away at Surgut the following Saturday.

Here’s the highlights from the Roselare match.  PC played very well once again.

Here’s little miss Sophinka getting in on some post match action, and PC working his koala eyes.


As for me, I’ve been trying all the little tips and tricks to get labor started, but have also been suuuper tired, and catching up on some tv.  I just finished reading War and Peace a couple of weeks ago, so it was perfect timing to watch the latest miniseries adaptation that the BBC put out this year.  I highly recommend the book and the miniseries.  Here’s the trailer:

And I’ve also been distracting myself with videos and pics of our nephew who, impossibly, seems to get cuter everyday:)


Hopefully, the next time I post you’ll get to see our little one!


5 thoughts on “40 Weeks

  1. Who’s got the time and/or patience to plow through “War and Peace”? Oh …. yeah … that’s right, you do 🙂
    Mad props to the mom-to-be …………SOON please!! See y’all Saturday!

  2. 1. You look great. 2. I see you’ve decided to stick it out a little longer (groan….). 3. Congrats to Paul and Team. 4. PP the XVI or whatever is almost as cute at his age as my Lucas was. 4. Prayers for Brussels. 5. You guys are in our prayers. Love you,
    Uncle Tim

  3. STILL looking fabulous Erin!! You do pregnancy so well :). Hoping you’re keeping as comfy as possible and enjoying lunch right now haha – wish I was over there with you all! xx

  4. WOW Erin you still look gorgeous I am not sure what it is like to be waiting for the big event but you seem to be handling it just like a pro Great success for Paul and his team possibly your parents will get to see the big game on Tuesday and yes, world events do touch our lives. . .I feel your concern regarding Brussels and air flight and i trust all of us will stay safe here’s to a SOONER rather than later BIRTH of BBC. Sending a hug

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