Proudly Presenting…

Here is our Nolan James!

I’m just going to share a few pics here.  My next post will be more detailed about the labor and delivery.  I know some of you won’t be quite so interested in that one 😉

Here he is on his first day of life


He came out 10 pounds 0r 4,560g .  As for length we aren’t really sure! babies are difficult little squirmers to measure.  First, he was  54cm, then a day later he was 58cm, and when we left the hospital 56cm…who knows. he’s like 22ish inches.  A big, healthy boy by any measure.


noley poley in the nicu day 2


finally home on his sheepskinIMG_0729

And here he is already 1 week old!



We are loving this family of 3 thing

4 thoughts on “Proudly Presenting…

  1. Nolan James is beyond beautiful! I had the best time spending the first week of his life with him and his loving parents. Erin, Paul and Nolan, you make a warm and wonderful family! 🎉😍👼👪

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