For those interested,  here’s how it all went down…

Contractions began around 9am on Thursday, after a couple of hours I called Paul back from weights, we got our stuff together, and left for the hospital.

hooked up to the CTG in our labor room

At the hospital, I was only 2 cm dilated- same as I was at my last dr. appointment.  They took us to their tub and let us snack and tub for a little while trying to let things progress.  After an hour and a half of tubbing we went over to our labor room where I got hooked up for a ctg, they took some blood, and did an ultrasound.

After examining my blood they found a high infection count.  We had no idea what the infection was from, because I hadn’t been ill at all, but they gave me some antibiotics, and made sure everything else was fine.

Then they did a quick ultrasound.  Apparently at such a late stage it’s quite difficult to estimate baby’s size. Anyhow, the dr. said that according to the measurements he should be 4kg. But looking at me and the belly they thought baby would be less than 4.  Ha.  Guess not.

Next they took a look at the CTG which looked great except at one point baby got a little stressed, so they wanted to keep an eye on that.  Lastly, they checked my cervix and unfortunately I hadn’t dilated much more.

We decided to kick the contractions up a notch. And, boy, those contractions really got going. Very strong and almost zero break in between.  By this point, I was feeling ready for an epidural but I needed to wait 45 min. while they monitored baby’s response to the more intense contractions. After 45, I asked for the epidural, but instead I had to fill out a form. We had already signed a consent form while pre-registering, but apparently they wanted more info.  ok fine.  A little while later the midwife came back for the form and told me that now I needed to get some fluid, after the bag was drained then we could proceed. So we waited for that.  I got all my fluids, and then they told me that there was only one anesthesiologist available and she would be about 30 minutes.  So again, I waited – far less patiently.  The contractions were pretty damn terrible at this point, and when 30 minutes came and went I was approaching murderous rage.  I have to say that this was the only point during the whole labor that I felt any negative emotions.  Anyhow, after waiting about 2 hours I finally got that epidural and good lord it was amazing to get a break.

Pretty soon after that we walked over to one of the delivery rooms since things were progressing. It was a quiet night at the hospital so I had my pick of the rooms. I chose the one with a cool constellation ceiling thinger.  All was well, but baby was starting to show more signs of stress during the contractions. With the infection and signs of stress the midwife told me that they had to start thinking about a c-section, but all was calm.  They took some blood from baby’s head to test how he was holding up, and they found that he also had the infection.  I had dilated fully, but part of the cervix was swelling and getting baby out quickly became priority #1 by far.

Admiring the delivery room

They told me that they were going to jack up the epidural, and punch some pitocin and try to bring on suuuuper strong contractions that could help me push him out.  However, if he showed more signs of stress then we’d be going for a c-section.  They handed PC some scrubs to get ready while I walked over to the operating room. They tried the first option but baby got more stressed, so straight away they brought PC in, and it was caesarean time.  PC sat and held my hand behind the curtain.  Before we knew it we heard a little cry, and then they showed us a quick peek of the baby around the corner.  And then after cutting the cord they brought him over and put him on my chest while they sewed me back up.  I think all the midwives and doctors were happy that we did the c-section once Nolan came out a sturdy 10lbs!  After I was all stitched they brought the three of us back to the delivery room and just let us be for almost 2 hours.  We both had some skin to skin time.   It was pretty awesome.

A very tired but happy PC cuddles Noley in the Nicu

Because of the infection, Noley had to do a 5 day course of antibiotics.  The first two days he needed to stay in the NICU to be monitored.  We were able to check on him whenever, and they called me over every 3 hours to try and feed him, or pump in my room.  Nolan was about 3X as big as the other babies in the NICU, so we just felt thankful we had a strong lil nugget who would soon be out with us.


On Saturday, my dad arrived!  He arrived straight from the airport wearing his Nolan Ryan Astros jersey.  In my tired state, I totally didn’t notice whoopsie! Anyhow, baby cuddles commenced.

IMG_0664He wore a little mitten over his IV ports in case you were wondering whether we kept losing one mitten.  On Easter, Nolan got released out of the NICU, and got to come room with me!

Sweet lil snoozer.

froggie legs
in his easter bunny pjs after getting released to me.
PC getting crucial cuddling time

We could relax in my room and there seemed to be no rules on visiting hours so PC and my dad could swing by with sushi late after a match.  


We still had to bring lil guacamole over for antibiotics every 3 hours and i think this face sums up his feelings on his meds….


Finally after 5 days we got the all clear to come home. hooray!  As for me, c-section recovery has gone pretty darn well.  I, of course, googled c-section recovery and read a host of horror stories, but I’ve been lucky.

All in all, it was actually a pretty relaxed experience.  I can’t say enough good things about the midwives who cared for us in labor and delivery.  Their English was amazing, and they were so kind and patient, it made a world of difference to us.   And I’m soooooo thankful that PC was in Berlin, and with me the whole time.  He was so supportive and helpful and just the best partner.


6 thoughts on “L&D

  1. Nolan is a fellow c-section baby ☺️
    So happy all went fine in the end; and now it’s time to enjoy that little bundle of joy!

  2. I got teary reading your story Erin. All three of you went through quiet an experience !
    I adore my beautiful grandson!

  3. Congratulations! I’ve totally loved following along on your pregnancy and I’m so happy your L&D went well and that you are happy with how everything went. Nolan is SO ADORABLE and I hope these next few months go amazingly for you all. Sending you BIG LOVE from Montana! xoxo

  4. Erin all I can say is job well done! You are amazing! Oh and I seriously cannot wait for a cuddle with that squishy ball of cuteness!

  5. PC is terrific father and husband – it was a joy and comfort to watch him care for Erin and treasure Nolan! What a wonderful time I had with you all, snuggling Noley and seeing my daughter as a new, confident and loving mom!

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