the first couple weeks

First: Volleyball News

BRVolleys are the Europa Cup Champions!


They flew to Siberia, and smashed Surgut 3-0 in the CEV cup final.  Now, the guys played great, so they would have likely won anyhow, but there’s a side story to this whole victory.  Three of Surgut’s stars did not play, and were not listed on the roster for the match.  This is highly suspicious because there was drug testing after the match, and it seems like very, very odd timing to not only “rest” these three players, but leave them off the roster.  This comes after the European Olympic Qualification tournament in January when one of Russia’s players tested positive for meldonium, you know, that drug Sharapova just got busted on.  So, perhaps it’s not just track and field that’s messing around in Russia…

Over 100 fans turned out to Schönefeld airport to welcome the champions back.  Here are some great photos.

And, if you missed out, you can watch the match here, including the celebration/medal ceremony at the end.

Berlin are also in the Semis of Bundesliga playoffs against Lüneberg.  They won a 5 set thriller last night at home, and have a tough away match coming up on Saturday.

Okay, now Baby News:

Little Noley bear is just about at 3 weeks old, but here’s a look back at the last week or so.  I had always heard that the first 2 weeks home with a newborn are the toughest.  Thankfully, we got a very, cool bebe who likes to sleep 3ish hour stretches in between night feeds, and barely cries…so far.  I know that these babies have a way of morphing overnight, so I keep reminding myself to be grateful for the present situation, and remaining vigilant for…well less desirable outcomes.  We also have to acknowledge that during our 5 day hospital stay, we had great care, and nurses who were very eager to help with early breastfeeding attempts.  Plus, we have a midwife who comes to check on us every few days to make sure everything’s fine.  This has made the first couple weeks reasonably chilled out.

“cuddling” his wubbanub

It was great having Grammy T here last week to do lots of cooking and cuddling.

image image

And as a parting gift, my mom cooked up some delicious soup and pasta sauce.  So, our dinner’s have been sorted all week.  This has also been a major factor in the whole “feeling like things are under control even though we have a newborn”  thing.

IMG_0792 IMG_0793

A few things have surprised us about newborns.  First, we had no idea how impossible it is to wake babies in those first few days.  I mean you can really mess with them, and they’ll stay dead asleep.  Also, baby toots are much louder than you’d think.  IMG_0818

It has been so much fun finally getting to try out and use all of the awesome gear we bought or were gifted.  So far, no disappointments!

We are especially loving his stroller.  He loves rolling over the cobblestones…well we assume…because he’s usually out like a light when we go out on walks.

IMG_0767 IMG_0787

aaaand can we just appreciate this hat for a moment?!!!

The german midwives have been VERY  concerned with the amount of clothing we have Nolan in.  I’ve heard this is one of the only things old German Oma’s will come reprimand you for.  Even though I think he’s a little heater, it always seems like the hebamme wants more clothing, or at least more wool clothing put on him.

However, I will say that heat has played an important role.  We have a great mini fan heater that we turn on for his diaper changes, and it usually does the trick to keep him chilled out when we’re getting him nakey.  Also, after nighttime feeding, burping and diaper changing, his little bed can be chilly, and I think it makes it a tad harder for the little one to settle back in for sleep.  So, I’ve been putting a little heating pack, in his bed while we do all that other stuff.  Then, when it’s time to lay him down it’s a little cozier for catching some zzzz’s.

We’ve gone to a couple of cafes, and a couple of restaurants now.  I’ve managed to feed him twice while out and about, but we haven’t attempted any nappy changes.  Still, feeling pretty good about our outings.


We’ve had lots of lovely visitors.  And Auntie Megan even popped over from Turkey to meet our little chunker.

Epic faceswap with Megan

We have received such thoughtful cards and gifts from family, friends, and even fans.



Nolan even got his first piece of mail! Thanks Uncle Dan!

It’s pretty amazing watching Nolan wake up more and more each day.  He’s becoming more alert, more focused, and more interactive seemingly by the hour.

Shush, Dad


That’s all for now!


4 thoughts on “the first couple weeks

  1. WOW seems like only yesterday Nolan was born. LOVE seeing the pics so beautiful, and heart tugging. Love you all “3” isn’t life amazing sounds like you are both doing a fabulous job

    Date: Wed, 13 Apr 2016 15:11:27 +0000 To:

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