Newborn Photos

We took some newborn photos last week, and our awesome photographer, Nina Reinsdorf, got them back to us super quick.

I’m just gonna put a whole bunch of them here 🙂


NinaReinsdorfPhotographyBabyNolan023 NinaReinsdorfPhotographyBabyNolan038 NinaReinsdorfPhotographyBabyNolan044 NinaReinsdorfPhotographyBabyNolan050 NinaReinsdorfPhotographyBabyNolan065 NinaReinsdorfPhotographyBabyNolan073 NinaReinsdorfPhotographyBabyNolan087 NinaReinsdorfPhotographyBabyNolan090 NinaReinsdorfPhotographyBabyNolan100 NinaReinsdorfPhotographyBabyNolan108 NinaReinsdorfPhotographyBabyNolan161 NinaReinsdorfPhotographyBabyNolan166 NinaReinsdorfPhotographyBabyNolan170

and here’s some Nolan updates:

He’s 5. 7kg now, and getting more and more expressive all the time.  He might actually be part koala because he’s a great lil sleeper.  The last few nights he has slept a 4-5 hour stretch, then had a feed/change, and slept another 3 hours.

Today we took him to the US consulate to become a little American boy!  P.S. trying to get a baby to take a passport photo is a pretty hilarious and stupid experience.

Volleyball updates:

BR Volleys managed to finish off Lüneburg after an away 5 set thriller.  Now they are getting ready for the finals which begin on Sunday.

3 thoughts on “Newborn Photos

  1. Love the photo showing you laughing with PC and Nolan! Of course he is part koala, and a passport-carrying American citizen 🙂

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