happy X three

Our family of three celebrated PC’s team winning three major championships this season!

+German Cup

+CEV Cup

+German Championship


PC got a couple of MVPs in there too.  Here’s the video recap of Berlin’s win

This was a 3-0 victory in the third match of the finals series, and the first time we’ve gotten to see them win the championship at home.


This was also Nolan’s first volleyball match!  Because he’s still a newborn susceptible to germs and things, I kept him close and covered in my solly wrap the whole time.  He also had special ear protection for the loud hall.  We watched all of the first set, went back into the empty and quiet VIP room for a feed during the second set, and walked around the back of the hall for the third and final set.  Little Noley did so well!  No crying or anything.


The only problems arose when we went back to the VIP room after the match.  A bunch of nosy, overeager fans were trying to get a bit too close.  One fan was NOT getting the hint that I needed her to back off while I readied to feed Nolan.  And the worst was a lady who crept up behind me and took a bunch of photos of Nolan over my shoulder WITHOUT ASKING.  Incredibly rude, but thankfully most of the others left us alone.


Nolan even got a little shoutout in the newspaper…


Paul’s quote says after slamming an ace that he looked up into the stands at his wife and his son.

Nolan and I did not partake in the after party festivities, but apparently it got rowdy…

that’s the president of the club with his shirt off…

We are so proud of PC and all he accomplished this season.  Today he left for training camp in Italy with the Australian team.   They’ll be preparing for the Olympic qualification tournament in Japan that begins at the end of May.  We won’t be seeing him until World League in Dallas 😦 but thank goodness for Facetime.  Hopefully the volleyroos can get things clickin’ and make it to Rio, and all this time away will be worthwhile.

Nolan is now about 6 weeks old, but this is our smiley boy at one month!


He has been smiling a ton, and I got one little chuckle out of him so far.  He continues to be a sleepy little koala in the night, but content and alert during the day.  Last week, he had his first checkup with the pediatrician.  He’s a big ol’ boy.  Over thirteen pounds, over two feet long, and very strong.

chillin and waiting for the doctor

Here’s a couple of other smiley pics.


Nolan has also been lucky enough to meet his Australian grandparents.  He’s been enjoying lots of cuddle time with Trevor and Hilde.  They also brought over a koala friend made by Luke and Steph.

30 years ago, PC’s dutch oma sent a little sailor suit to Australia for baby Paulie.  Trevor and Hilde brought that suit with them to Berlin for Noley to wear.  Pretty darn cute.


Trevor posted this comparison on Facebook, and lots of people commented that the two babies look like twins.  I have to say…I don’t agree.  So far, I think Nolan is a nice little combo of the both of us.  And frankly, I think he only has two features that I can definitely say are one or the other.  He’s definitely got PC’s lips, and my eyes.  Everything else is kinda general baby squishy.  But maybe you people out there have some other opinions.  You can see PC above there, so here’s a baby pic of me for comparison.


3 thoughts on “happy X three

  1. So both of you were sailors! Ahoy mateys! I see both of you in Noley bear, and you three make a lovely family! Dig the highlight video – German rapping, Lebedew in the crowd, but mostly PC being a dominant beast! However, Kawe shirtless and uninhibited? Priceless 🙂

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