2 months old

Our little snickerdoodle is two months old!

Here he is looking very serious.


And not so serious


He’s such a happy chappy. I love his morning smiles, and he’s just starting to laugh with some kind of audible sound.  We try to facetime with PC when the little one is happy and awake.  I think when Nolan sees his daddy again it’ll be quite funny.  He will recognize the voice, but it might take him a second to size up this large person.  IMG_1492

Over the weekend we had full on summer weather, so Nolan and I headed out to Treptower Park.  I wanted to hang out on the Insel der Jugend, and show the little guy where me and his dad got engaged.


He was…unimpressed.  IMG_1433

We strolled around, trying to find a nice patch of ground with shade for baby, and a patch of sun to get some color on my hideously white legs. IMG_1442

Then we walked over to the Soviet war memorial.  IMG_1451Little baby, big soldier.

While Berlin has a lot to offer families, it is kind of annoying that very few restaurants or stores have any kind of baby changing facilities.  However, while shopping at Galleries Lafayette, the fancy French department store,  I found out they have a pretty cute little baby room.  For one big stall they have two separate doors.


There were a couple of places to sit and nurse, the changing table was nice and big, plus they play calming tracks of french kids singing nursery rhymes.  adorbs.

IMG_1414The cheeky monkey and I have tried to meet up with friends when possible since I’m sure he gets bored of my face.

But by the end of the day, both of us are pretty tuckered out.  Luckily, he’s a champion sleeper at night, so we can both get recharged.  I may be on my own with the little one, but at least I’m not sleep deprived.


This week we went to our first mums and babies group, and our first baby rhyme time!  They are both english speaking groups, so its usually ladies who’ve lived a few different places, travel all the time, and are all working out the expat family life.  As we gear up for our first long haul flight I’ll be pumping them for some helpful hints.  Fun thing I heard: Emirates is known for their in-flight service, but apparently they are also particularly baby friendly.  One of the mums said that a flight attendant was so helpful to her during a flight, she even offered to change her baby’s diaper!  When you offer to deal with some random baby’s poop…that’s some serious service.
IMG_1471Oh and rhyme time was good fun singing old nursery rhymes.  But dang I didn’t know probably 70% of the words to these songs…or the songs themselves.  Nolan seemed to enjoy the experience, even when he got palmed in the face by a curious, crawling baby.  So we are looking forward to more rhyme time fun.

As for PC, the Olympic qualification tournament starts on Saturday in Tokyo(Friday in the states).  Click here for the tournament website, and they will have links to watch matches live if you are so inclined.  Here’s a nice article about PC and the team.  Australia needs to be the best Asian team in the tournament, and they open up play against one of the biggest potential obstacles to that achievement: Iran.  Send your positive vibes to the Volleyroos!

And finally here’s a couple random things that cracked me up:

A terrifying looking Koala finger puppetIMG_1383

And someone stuck a relatively large dog into a smart for two.  not the safest choice.



3 thoughts on “2 months old

  1. Those scary finger puppets are 100% sold as cat toys stuffed with catnip in America. It’s. It sad to watch a cat rip apart such a heinous little thing.

  2. Love his fox socks! So many great photos, love all that you and Noley are doin’! Thanks for the link to the qualification tourney and article on Paul. Wondering if you heard “Frere Jacques” in that bougie French baby station?

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