Summer Plans

The olympic qualification tournament has ended, and unfortunately, Australia was unable to book a ticket to Rio.  It’s obviously devastating, but we are trying to focus on the extra time we will have together as a family this summer.  That’s a pretty welcome thought as we are 5 weeks deep in the separation phase of the summer, and pretty over it.  Just another 3 weeks till we get PC back.

In the meantime, we’ve been enjoying the real summer weather here in real summery pants.


Porkchop loves them.  IMG_1613

He was positively thrilled about our walk to the castle.

We’ve even broken out our summertime shorts.  IMG_1634

On Sunday we joined the Spirovski’s to check out the ice cream Naschmarkt at Markthalle Neun.  It was alright.  I mean, there was plenty of ice cream, including asparagus flavored ice cream (Germans and their bloody asparagus obsession).  Jana and I sought out more unusual flavors that still sounded palatable.  I grabbed mango chili, and later we shared a scoop of moscow mule.  Both delicious, but I have to admit, I was a bit disappointed in the overall selection.  I also expected more ice cream treats like sundaes, milkshakes, or floats.  There were 2 stalls that offered cookies and ice creams, but other than that, it was just scoops.

It was still an enjoyable afternoon, and the Spirovski’s introduced me to a delicious Bosnian restaurant/kiosk joint.   IMG_1688

Other than that, we’ve been doing mums and babies things, and starting the organizational process for our trip back to the states.

Snickerdoodle had his u4 checkup, and second round of shots today.

Here he is doing a bit of training the other day, so he could the doc his head holding skills.


He’s 7.84 kg, or 17.3 lbs, and 64 cm or 25 in. long.  Once again, he took his vaccinations pretty well, and has been tuckered out since then.


We are counting down the days until our big flight!


3 thoughts on “Summer Plans

  1. Absolutely love the first and last pics! And that shorts/moccasins combo is awesome! Mad respect to PC for how he played during the qualification tourney – the personification of execution and heart. Excited for you three to be together soon, and with all the family and friends (and cousin 🙂 in Texas! BOO on asparagus, but Hooray for ice cream!

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