Nolan and I made it to Texas! Yeehaw!

We managed to get the apartment cleaned up, and get ourselves packed up and ready.  Not only is this Nolan’s first flight, but it’s his first long haul transatlantic flight.  People kept telling me “well you know, now is the easiest time to fly because he’s so young”.  And yes, that’s absolutely true, but sometimes there would be that follow up, “oh just you wait, you have it easy” sentiment or look.  Welp, perhaps this was the easiest time, but I still feel pretty damn accomplished doing this travel on my own.

First off, I was pleasantly surprised with how helpful, patient and doting the Tegel customs and security officers were.  They helped hold Nolan, put bags and stroller through the x-ray, and get us all through to the gate.

Our first flight was the quick 2 hour jump over to London.  NJ sat on my lap, and slept on the ascent and descent, which was perfect.  Other passengers and flight attendants were so eager to help me get my carry-ons stowed, and baby belt buckled.  The only little hiccup was my stroller/car seat, which I had gate checked in Berlin ended up begin tossed in with the regular baggage.  I was hoping I could use the stroller during our layover, plus, gate checked items are usually handled a bit more gently.  But, alas, it was not to be.  I kept Noley in the ergo, and hoped that I wouldn’t find a mangled bunch of wheels at baggage claim in Dallas.  Luckily, it all emerged unscathed.

Again, security and customs officers were kind and patient at Heathrow.  Soon enough we were on our way to Dallas.
IMG_1751Nolan got to hang out in a little bassinet attached to the bulkhead.  He seemed plenty cozy, and slept the majority of the flight.

No tears, no screaming, just smiles and snoozes.  Hooray!

We were greeted by the whole Powers crew.

I love having these cousins together! Pshea has been pretty interested in this new, smaller creature.  He’s tried to take a couple chomps on NJ.IMG_1763

Nolan has been mostly focused on figuring out his new environment, and all these nice new faces.

For Father’s Day, we took some cute little pics of Pshea and NJ with their matching Dodger onesies and Sambas.

Here’s a solo shot that cracked me up. Solid pose.


But these pics of the two boys together are just the best.

Chomp. IMG_6659



All the tongue.  IMG_6676

the booties.


A serious face, but a cute little french shirt.


More matching.  IMG_6878

“playing” together.

Matching with Uncle Patrick! IMG_1977

Patrick Shea is such a funny, happy little one.  He’s army crawling everywhere, starting to eat like a big boy and just full of giggles and roars.  IMG_1984

Crawling over for some more playtime. IMG_1987

Otherwise I’m enjoying all the delicious food, service, and convenience here.  I went to Trader Joe’s where employees fawned over Nolan, and, without my asking, picked up my grocery bags and brought them to my car.  Let me tell you, after 5 weeks of hauling my own groceries and stroller up and down stairs, I felt like a friggin’ princess.

Plus, casey and patrick are pretty incredible hosts.  Casey even printed and framed some family photos with Nolan to make it even more homey and special.  That thoughtful gal.


4 thoughts on “yeehaw

  1. Congrats on handling all the travel on your own, that’s a job well done!! How nice people actually helped you along the way. It restores my faith in human kindness… Hope to see you when you make it to Calif. NJ would love Dash! Hmmm, so would PSchea!

  2. No tears, no screaming, just smiles and snoozes. What a perfect recipe! Hooray for caring, helpful service on the airlines and here in the States! You’ve handled business on your own so admirably Erin, and Those boys are indescribably delicious together!

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